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Fair enough

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9 points

Science biatch !

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12 points

Old but gold

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11 points

Passive-Aggressive Spouse

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13 points

Forget pineapple on pizza, ketchup on macaroni and ice cubes in wine. This is the worst. Who does that?

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3 points

Sedimentary cake

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9 points

Got an extra topping on my pizza!

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My brother just had a bent/broken pretzel so he cutted it with 90 degrees.

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6 points

Pregnant mandarine.

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Girl power! ;}

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You can do that, you know...

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5 points

18 Pizza delivery fails that will make you cry

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21 points

This cucumber is sponsored by Air Jordan

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128 points

I LOVE it !

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138 points

"Yeah, I'd like a large pizza with extra pizza please"

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91 points

Slicing With A GoPro Mounting On A Sword Is Either A Great Idea Or A Very Great Idea!

161 points

Kitchen Tip 101

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192 points

So much pain in one picture

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