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Pineapple on pizza, okay, why not (I personally love it), but THIS? This is why aliens won't talk to us

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207 points

Forget pineapple on pizza, ketchup on macaroni and ice cubes in wine. This is the worst. Who does that?

Preview 239e436a 64ea 4542 9d76 b27f0e843762
159 points

While y'all so busy arguing about pineapple on pizza.. the swedes get away with this

Preview 7f13270f ba4d 4b08 bd07 b692e8da30e3
141 points

Sedimentary cake

Preview c271048d 60a8 4aaa 8c3a 765ce8e8de09
64 points

Got an extra topping on my pizza!

Preview 3a3ac867 33fd 4f80 b7f8 a3af26812216
50 points

My brother just had a bent/broken pretzel so he cutted it with 90 degrees.

Preview 3f35a57f 8e6d 481d a079 a61a4f5aa55d
98 points

Pregnant mandarine.

Preview decfc7c1 9171 419a 9599 4a8eb9988af2
70 points

Girl power! ;}

Preview 7b0f5c36 9c24 46f8 a528 a9557331db11
67 points

You can do that, you know...

Preview a9e9f7f6 c1c2 4b05 811a d6072ea51740
46 points

18 Pizza delivery fails that will make you cry

Preview d20288e5 ae7b 499c b336 c2753a1c9ca1
161 points

This cucumber is sponsored by Air Jordan

Preview ef5598cc 3c9d 4c8e 853f 4f0f70b19a2e
167 points

I LOVE it !

Preview 2c4a2b2f 25bd 4bd6 a3f9 dd5b32c2137e
161 points

"Yeah, I'd like a large pizza with extra pizza please"

Preview e6dc415b 9c3e 46e6 a1d1 907c9335acf9
131 points

Slicing With A GoPro Mounting On A Sword Is Either A Great Idea Or A Very Great Idea!

212 points

Kitchen Tip 101

Preview 97539ff2 9f21 40a6 9d3f 1e34cf6c8aa1
224 points

So much pain in one picture

Preview 4522eff2 5b2b 400d ab19 4003a75dec2f
344 points

I'm loving it!

Preview e669361b adb6 4d1a a1c8 f45e2fe35fd0
178 points

United Steak of America.

Preview 635fec67 7546 411f aac0 7790e1a1f282
200 points

The stupidity of some people is astounding...

Preview a091def8 887b 479b a9f3 1f62fa5bf207
557 points

Personal Trainer Says:

Preview b2b8a0c7 f88b 47fd 9285 ef0749986885
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