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I will do Everything

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Logical Spock is logical.

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71 points

You can only see it once

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Happy Birthday Seth MacFarlane (Actor-Writer-Producer-Crank Yankers,Hellboy II: The Golden Army,Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy,The Cleveland Show,Robot Chicken,The Orville,Logan Lucky)

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24 points

I thought it was only a West thing

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20 points

Khal Drogo's workout routine

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16 points

I hope they used their 20% discount flyers

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It's been years but this still bothers me

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To be fair, all white people look the same

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Paul McCartney's new album could do with a catchier title.

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That is one way of doing it....

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It feels weird, dunno

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How Marvel MCU Heroes Have Evolved Over the Past Decade

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Nature's oldest rivals finally put to the test

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The more people buy now condoms the less people will buy them in the future.

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76 points

Oh shit, its time to go!

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49 points

I was really confused

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Did everyone forget how f*cking selfish she is??

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