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Did everyone forget how f*cking selfish she is??

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Marilyn Manson

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Hanging out, down the street...

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This appropriate advert on the other page

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Drugs make great movies

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Everyone can relate to Ozzy.

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Ffs Iris

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The One And Only Sign Of Christmas

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General Otis Howard

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Mah hart mah soleee

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I moved from the North to southern Germany and had trouble with the dialects here. My coworkers still laugh about it.

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My adorable sports-illiterate husband sent me this because I'm the maniacal sports fanatic in my marriage. But he's so handsome. 😂❤️🏈🏀

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House Home

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Well spoken bruh

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Him: "I bet you can't tell me something that'll make me happy and confused at the same time." Her:

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United States Education In a nutshell

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11th September 2001.

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Fight me on this.

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Overly attached Daisy

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