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That texture

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131 points

Hey, could I please see your finger?

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63 points

Slo-Mo Footage Of Impossible Mid-Air Paintball Collisions Is Better Than Fireworks

113 points

A minute of silence for our boy..

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82 points

Poor Jeremy

Preview cdf1561e 407f 4c7c b31c 87fce88f3f79

What Happens When You Shoot A See Through Suppressor In Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps)

152 points

Meet Frank

Preview cb1e7411 1e63 4d67 a208 ada09037da7f

Sea turtle with two heads

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46 points

Turtle cock

Preview 4debc6bb 75ff 4ca0 9cb1 76fa0a8abcae
136 points

140 year old mother with her 5 day old son

Preview e91653bf de13 4f9a 9a73 ded5cf6e713f
89 points

Compressed Air Cannon With Maltesers As Bullets Is No Difference With A Real Gun And It's Unbelievably Strong

323 points

Crocs can really ruin your day


I like turtles

Preview 960d0769 cd77 4d85 a550 0b6a8a80c55d
13 points

Crushed By A Giant 6 Feet Water Balloon In Slow Motion Gives You The Freshest Splash In Summer!

220 points

A Plasma Cutter Makes Solid Steel Melt Like Butter

321 points

The Slow Mo Guys Team Up With Blue Man Group To Make Messy Slow Motion Art With Bowling Balls

326 points

Popping Air Balloon Underwater In 4K Slow Motion Is A Beautiful Art

458 points

Watch The Slow Mo Guys Launch 6ft Rockets In Slow Motion

384 points

Not all saviors wear capes

Preview 4b808806 a6b1 4496 9661 2028d86fd1a7
138 points

Slo-Mo Video Reveals Batteries Become Tiny Missiles When You Light Them On Fire

260 points

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