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Compressed Air Cannon With Maltesers As Bullets Is No Difference With A Real Gun And It's Unbelievably Strong

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Crocs can really ruin your day


I like turtles

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Crushed By A Giant 6 Feet Water Balloon In Slow Motion Gives You The Freshest Splash In Summer!

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A Plasma Cutter Makes Solid Steel Melt Like Butter

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The Slow Mo Guys Team Up With Blue Man Group To Make Messy Slow Motion Art With Bowling Balls

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Popping Air Balloon Underwater In 4K Slow Motion Is A Beautiful Art

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Watch The Slow Mo Guys Launch 6ft Rockets In Slow Motion

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Not all saviors wear capes

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Slo-Mo Video Reveals Batteries Become Tiny Missiles When You Light Them On Fire

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So Beautiful! Guys Combine Coloured Powder And 25 Air Bags To Create Gorgeous Exploding Rainbows

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6-Feet Man Jumping On 6-Feet Giant Water Balloon Until It Breaks In Slow Motion Is Oddly Satisfying

271 points

Slo-Mo Footage Of A Mouse Trap VS. A Hot Dog Will Make Your Entire Body Recoil

233 points

Exploding Condom On Head In Slow Motion Will Make You Laugh Till You Burst

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