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Who the hell is Cortana?!

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115 points

Love how the shoes blend in with the carpet

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106 points

Meth ruins lives

Preview 38fece0a 1cec 4b06 a76f a724fb22b4b2
183 points

The king of the flame

Preview 754053f0 9b79 4f14 99b2 1f11ccdee788
147 points

Since many of you wanted Gyllenhaal

Preview 4a964124 a4e0 4001 b2c0 15f8f3029f6a
136 points

Friend trying to catch blueberry in his mouth

Preview 23ae1061 5709 4d6a ae5e 25820f706cdc
110 points

Face-swap gone wrong

Preview bcddb566 2ddc 439a 8c37 496755da3afd
159 points

Justin v Justin

Preview 0e189246 c4e3 4ebc ae20 c0feb93394fd
113 points

Anyone on tinder now?

Preview 8a143ea0 e24e 45ba a3f4 6ae968826735
119 points

When relatives say, “we’ll lose touch” if I delete Facebook

Preview 17275abc 5446 4c5b 8294 1bf578bd40c8
137 points

Nice try

Preview 0ea4bc12 bda3 487d b8dc ca5e3d96d0c8

Baby Looks More Like Ed Sheeran Than Ed Sheeran

Preview fc62953a 4ada 4ea5 b58c 129c1b3124f0
214 points

Do I have permission to call her buttcrack?

Preview b600b701 1533 454a a97d f637750b8b35
131 points

I saw this chick on Judge Judy who didn't know she was Garth from Wayne's World.

Preview c5845fc6 373a 4054 a459 e40845fb5199
153 points

Wear Safety Glasses, Kids

Preview 8934dfe4 089f 4f3b 958b 352d3904195b
133 points

I wish my insulting skills could be as clever as this

Preview cd69fce0 3fbc 406f 9a1b eec31ebb60c4
116 points

It is concerning when Zuckerbots wax figure looks more human than he does.

Preview ed42a96d 6411 4248 8bf1 e99c9824dc0c
137 points

Glenn Close is starting to look like Mrs. Doubtfire

Preview 4a643d72 83f7 44c8 a7b0 991f5f4daf5e
141 points

The long arm of the law

Preview 11d41ed1 03ca 46e7 9dd8 8154b84937c9
104 points

Elevator prank with a little surprise waiting for you! What would you do if it was u?!

110 points

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