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When relatives say, “we’ll lose touch” if I delete Facebook

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87 points

Nice try

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Baby Looks More Like Ed Sheeran Than Ed Sheeran

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115 points

Do I have permission to call her buttcrack?

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101 points

I saw this chick on Judge Judy who didn't know she was Garth from Wayne's World.

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112 points

Wear Safety Glasses, Kids

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107 points

It is concerning when Zuckerbots wax figure looks more human than he does.

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106 points

Glenn Close is starting to look like Mrs. Doubtfire

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110 points

The long arm of the law

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75 points

Elevator prank with a little surprise waiting for you! What would you do if it was u?!


I see no difference.

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86 points

Disaster incoming

Preview aa8c844e 96c3 4bb1 ba30 41fa149de58d

I can smile too!

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Facial reconstruction on a child with Crouzon Syndrome

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91 points

Heavy metal,, nope Finland national curling team.

Preview 335d96aa 28bc 4d43 879c afef69e4e0fa

The one thing non-American people "understand" of this Superbowl craze . . .

Preview 6198edae d82e 4267 969e 2ceb66a66fd5
157 points

Face swap

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85 points

She face swapped with her doll.

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83 points

My mother-in-law was messing around on a picture app and one of the filters decided to give my 1 year old son a mouth full of jacked up teeth. He only has 4 teeth

Preview 8c9c4b3a 6f6c 4992 bb1a 2169e42e3c08
73 points

"Hey Bill, what are you up to this weekend?"

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72 points

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