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John Cena Reacts To Fan Surprise Will Leave You In Heart-Warming Tears

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That took a turn

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Mr worldwide

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14 points

History posts...

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She has the most beautifull face and voice. (There's no good section for this stuff anymore)

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65 points

I will probaly never reach hot

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Money, love, family, religion

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Hi, I'm Jerry1, Jerrysmith,and Jerrylovesbeth.

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Look closely

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*whisper whisper*

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Introvert level = Expert

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Find me a better actors duo, I'll wait

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Eat Something Can you ?

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Look at her face... look at it!

Preview b80c4395 2579 4221 a104 2cd1bf4b1b64
8 points

Those subtle mad PS skills that make you stand out from the crowd...

Preview e1e97024 1aa4 4646 9fb1 45c65c93483f
3 points

When you see reviews for the new Mummy.

Preview e6b71a06 823d 4083 89e5 048d6f07d751
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This made my day!

Preview be872d91 3ebb 4223 b006 84245d82c819

How to prank someone who HATES feet

262 points

Selfie time!

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203 points

Meet michel

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