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Nightfall Approaching in New York City on September 10, 2001

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23 points

What do you do when you get a vibrator stuck in your rectum? Why, you use salad tongs to pull it out, of course!

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22 points

Lava looks so damn tasty

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17 points

Smoking is good for the environment because it kills humans

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18 points

Best birthday present ever.

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92 points

Portugal forest fire!

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16 points

Polish guy got lost in woods, set fire so someone could locate him, and caused a fire that is impossible to stop now. In Bar, Montenegro.

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Pull up here Billy! We'll get a good shot of the exploding cliff!

Preview dd689263 c84c 4f01 a091 fe9ec1450a35
16 points

Sad my Favourite TV series ended! Who else was a fan?

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11 points

Remember my sci-fi film project with miniatures made out of junk? The film is ready! (ATTACK OF THE CYBER OCTOPUSES - trailer on comments)

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23 points

How to make and shoot a futuristic city miniature the 80s way! "Attack of the Cyber Octopuses" film project!

Preview 4386ed60 1427 4432 a7af c2677e0386ec
3 points

Lightning striking an airplane passing through a rainbow

Preview 87d8e1dd dc78 4bbc 88f1 2dc720bdcc1a

I took this shot of my brother while we were out exploring in the fog

Preview 939762ad f066 4d34 9452 0bcad81aa285
88 points

Perfect timings - The Fire Spirit!

Preview 4c532554 60d1 4976 95d7 4cf0445079b1

Sorry Hans u will not be getting ur flammenwerfer anytime soon

Preview ebc71300 416e 4722 831f f30ad2a3f38d
1 points

Using internet advice to try and win a fight with your girlfriend

Preview e920bff0 76dc 4326 9fea a44a97a39d70
7 points

Fluorescent. Bulb. Fight.

Preview e5bb6f71 6ab2 4067 a128 605c128fd352
3 points

Rocket to Mars

Preview aa9f7fa3 d927 4de9 88b0 5c1bae21959b
2 points

This approaching storm cloud a few minutes ago in Pennsylvania

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