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Sometimes you just need to crawl on the roof of your suv and shoot your flamethrower.

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67 points

We get it Pennywise, you vape

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53 points

New Year firework explodes exactly halfway through photo capture.

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Train steaming down the tracks.

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11 points

Someone put raw meat in my mailbox

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62 points

During the Paletta International fire last night - the license plate says it all.

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Massive gas fire in Oakland county Michigan

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24 points

I didn’t learn this in Drivers Ed.

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22 points

Just another emo meme

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Wildfires Portugal :( Apocalypse is here!

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My friend took this picture at Burning Man

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50 points

Wrath of the sea

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Fog hog

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22 points

Firing artillery

Preview 05d3022e 08fd 4743 a3c3 4724a76a1024
19 points

Just to show you that this was/is Portugal today... 38°C in October

Preview 6a555ffd 209c 41f9 b072 358a84bbf791

That's some f**ked up shit. Why would anyone write that?!

Preview 3a194390 dc7c 4b58 a09d c118760c69bf
19 points

I didn't get the job that I've always wanted and now my boyfriend just broke up with me

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53 points

This RV burning. Pic taken 20mins ago

Preview b963d209 166e 485e bc35 5229199e6adb
41 points

Dragon dog

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