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Lost track of the toddler for 2 minutes

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78 points

“Real smooth guys. Real smooth”

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61 points

For as long as I can remember, there has been a shower-orange shaped hole in my life. Today it was filled

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131 points

My mouth is foaming

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72 points

Everyday we stray further from God's light.

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85 points

A Twinkie cookbook

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80 points

Got a surprise in my sour patch kids

Preview d28a9ab3 12bf 4f6b 925a 95eb02f9a9f1
80 points

Saw this on a menu at a Mexican restaurant. Never seen anything like this before. Anyone familIar with this?

Preview d696c81b acc4 4975 a33a 51e111d2d17a
112 points

Bullet found on a hamburger at Rio de Janeiro

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88 points

Even worse than strawberry pizza...

Preview 4585cd17 709f 4166 a3bf fa644d7a18cd
41 points

Worth it

Preview 5a3371e3 57d5 4933 aa6b e75c6b9c1561
80 points

Haha guess the concert?

Preview 054fb2d2 a7c0 44a8 8c1d 52a72ccdc74b
100 points

a couple of meatloaf babies...

Preview 7e74f437 5b16 4bd9 bc8c fa27a87a5f24
105 points


13 points

Top secret mission code-named Netflix & Chill

Preview 8d358908 9e57 447a 95dd 83fa107cd961
105 points

Fun fact

Preview bf4037ec e4f4 409b 9371 70c92d7fe54d
117 points

My Ritz crackers tasted WAY too salty...

Preview 7b36b296 884d 4f88 9f8e 46c13e288cd7
20 points

The taste of death!

Preview 37faae33 9cb6 40c0 9c0a 908f064838a9
21 points

Prank Calling Snack Companies

17 points

Roses are red

Preview 857ec573 ce6a 4842 bbd5 0b1b35b68240
231 points

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