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This owl in a tree

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12 points

A little serpintine cactus.

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11 points

Yes this is a real shoe. Guess the country

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15 points

Danger noodle (Kenyan sand boa)

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81 points

My cousin dropped hot crawfish juice on his foot

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2 points

Crab eater seal teeth

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3 points

Always. King Ragnar Lothbrok

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Just a little closer to this noper

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The 25 most dangerous animals in the world prove Mother Nature isn’t playing

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7 points

Snoop Dogg Narrates "Planet Earth" Iguana Chase In A Way That Only He Can


Street "Performance"

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3 points

Pretty nope rope!

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147 points

Go On An Adventure To Explore The Deadly Creatures In The Night With This Brave Man

365 points

Australian people...

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147 points

Just Like Dad! Steve Irwin's 13-Year-Old Son Robert Irwin Introduces Jimmy Fallon To A Sloth


This giant Anaconda.

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196 points

What kind of cow is this?

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183 points

Do Not Take Selfie With A Snake!

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