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Python vs. King Cobra

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96 points

There’s a boot in my snake!

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111 points

A whip made from a spine.

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105 points

A hawk helps a snake crash a party


The water preserved this deer's body underneath and the rest was rotted away.

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116 points

Found at the Salt River Pass Wyoming, Elevation 7630. Found as is.

Preview bf26c660 dc08 488d 8cae 4b2b2e39f871
93 points

Two faced baby king cobra

Preview f070da25 8191 45e2 8dfc 9b417620554b
68 points

Someone found this creature in their lettuce

Preview 269b6747 3f72 4af7 b0b5 05e6c5176ad5
89 points

Snake eating Snake

Preview ec0e7b4b 92f4 49c1 8a96 764f67b3cb7c
103 points

It's a snake eat snake world out there

Preview 92bf8696 a6fa 4cf3 b8d5 6cef6f98d717
93 points

I think I captured the exact moment this turtle lost his virginity.

Preview f9034de9 1e68 4cda b528 ffc46bb7cd5a
79 points

Sneaky snek forces man to dropkick his friend


Bald eagle having fun..

Preview 8e6f0294 8e6c 4e4e b0b9 beb66de299f6

Unicorn python

Preview e6851d53 a1d1 4524 ae24 248faa74f02f
73 points

The Viper with the Ghost on the head

Preview e304651a 57b9 4327 a76c 23537e92aca1
69 points

I have no clue but his can’t be normal

Preview eeee8a63 062d 43fe acc4 79203d201e21
111 points

Bird snatching a frog

Preview c9662c70 1502 4f2c b871 025231d14fbb

Python vs King Cobra

Preview 2b21adf6 a84e 44cf 9bf9 2cb9abe41771
115 points

Snake just wanted to play

Preview eeb71523 2435 4f7f a9f6 6decec7c9675

my dog realizing i'm petting her with a tiny hand

Preview 4ff42f36 8692 4832 97b6 91b69e1ed401
91 points

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