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Snake just wanted to play

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my dog realizing i'm petting her with a tiny hand

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95 points

My little sister didn't appreciate the fruits of my cleaning

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131 points

This snake with a pumpkin pattern

Preview 7ed29aaf 4540 4d23 a3ff 70da65ca1295
84 points

Fish skin used to treat burn victims in Brazil

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83 points

On the work trailer

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60 points

Oh when will it end........ See what I did there ;)

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67 points

This staircase

Preview dd54bd73 ac73 4e48 b31a df7875c3e54d
52 points

This is a graffiti in my hometown , I hope you like it.

Preview f0f0530d 04f1 43fa 814f e43d47e2db7f
40 points

Little Ball Python | Photo by Viper

Preview c1cb2a9a 1b7a 407f b2c6 f720f42b938c
44 points

Wait for it.

Preview 11405d1b 11cc 4998 928c 4638c75d3b38
113 points

Only in Texas. They can be yours for $600.

Preview ee0d01a2 0355 4a95 8650 ba9f595a2bd6
46 points

Happy pun snek

Preview 10bd424e 63ce 40ef 8338 dc769830d107
61 points

I certainly said WTF.

Preview ee432394 93bd 4571 872b fc42951606d2
69 points

Sewage surfer by Justin Hofman (US) - Finalist for Guardian Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017

Preview da4346b1 d747 495c 8be6 b934b09b7168
130 points

This snake has a pumpkin on it

Preview 07965955 6115 4229 9d48 78a94129d99d
78 points

Thousands of bees that died in this lightpost from electrical fire/shock.

Preview 4f5f688f d041 4807 bc9f b3942d5f15c7
121 points

A double-crested cormorant about to eat a fish

Preview 8aad7a9f 591f 4da7 8180 49f5b65ee565

This snake that has a pumpkin spot

Preview 131ed95d 182f 433e 948d 4ec96e2d6a4f
89 points

The (almost) total eclipse as it traversed the sky

Preview d87e6b18 9498 457c bd19 45a989d1d625
106 points

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