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This snake has a pumpkin on it

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53 points

Thousands of bees that died in this lightpost from electrical fire/shock.

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114 points

A double-crested cormorant about to eat a fish

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This snake that has a pumpkin spot

Preview 131ed95d 182f 433e 948d 4ec96e2d6a4f
77 points

The (almost) total eclipse as it traversed the sky

Preview d87e6b18 9498 457c bd19 45a989d1d625
69 points

When the cat walks through while taking a panoramic pic

Preview b63df28d 38fc 41b5 8134 273882010ae2
18 points

Indigo snake

Preview a9961200 ee49 4231 91eb 12661f93cf3f
45 points

Epic Snake Scare Prank on Students

10 points

When your printer runs out of inc.

Preview ed5524b7 acf4 4b31 a6f4 ce87f4d3a646
110 points

Amazing street art

Preview d89354db e082 4a54 9c2f 3b81b4405986
48 points

Never give up

Preview 2b2438fd 7f0c 44a7 a10e d0b6c3a97496
40 points

Alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a King snake

Preview 48b7998b 22cc 4e00 80ef b801ba1ea384
51 points

‘Having been let down repeatedly by man, the tiny sea horse embarks upon its most impressive journey: cleaning up the ocean itself.’ Photo Source: Justin Hofman.

Preview 2bf5c528 2691 4cd4 877d be7794484094
132 points

I met a snek. His name is Bendy.

Preview 36b02d0b 9fab 4eaf a3b7 9eadba7deb55
22 points

Best name for a snake ever

Preview a412ed4b 9829 4cf2 9b22 86506e1e5d9c
64 points

Epic Snake Prank!


Snek snek

Preview 64f23282 a3f2 4f35 b00a 0fe8ff588fae
19 points

Spirit Animal

Preview 21f4f869 9b14 4878 bb4d 3ceca5e75167
106 points

Tiger snake trying to get into my house


Big albino snek

Preview 4030ae74 5105 4bdc b477 55a29a23139e
20 points

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