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The cold was worth it

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Saw this in some tiny town in Idaho

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A rope ladder

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This is what pure calmness looks like.

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Yep I did

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Kit Harington's Never-Before-Seen "Game Of Thrones" Audition Will Laugh You Off Your Chair

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Sauna at the Juvet Hotel

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He can bearly move

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Foxes on the roof in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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Birdshot vs femur

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You know you screwed

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Grelka Fest 2017 is the best reason to visit Russia

Preview a12bad90 7f38 40a3 b0c1 087f815e6dbf

Just casually going to the HIGHWAY TO HELLLLL !!!

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When your friend throw a shekel from the mountain

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206 points

A good use of the Panorama function

Preview cd378cc8 b77c 4836 a1cc ed4ab7e7f0f9
229 points

A-mazing how easily entertained dogs can be.

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Can Canadians confirm?

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Look out below for wildlings

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