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When your friend throw a shekel from the mountain

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199 points

A good use of the Panorama function

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165 points

Can Canadians confirm?

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107 points

Look out below for wildlings

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86 points

To be fair, it was 70 last week. I guess they forgot it can still snow in Chicago.

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129 points

Fun fact

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141 points

Family Guy>South Park, Futurama, American Dad

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160 points

Canadian citizenship test

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135 points

Saving goats from snow

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143 points

Canadian Special forces

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97 points

You may think you're cool, but you'll never be as cool as this Mongolian shepherd with his AK-47 and the pet snow leopard

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180 points
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163 points

WTF is that ?

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174 points

Somebody picked a terrible night to leave their windows down...

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110 points

Sleigh Hoof

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Canada right now

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The wall on the Canadian side is now up.

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157 points

Radical Judaism

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