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When School Is Canceled In April

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Just before the face plant.

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My dad sent me this picture with the caption, "Deeeeeee-lish."

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This dog refused to keep walking. The owner had to pick them up. That’s a smug look.

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This dude is standing on a ladder, on his roof, to hand saw a tree limb.

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I think a squirrel fell off my roof..

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Not a time you want your palms to be sweaty.

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Snowday beast from the east!

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While feeding the deer at my grandmom's house, we noticed that one of them was punching one of the others.

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= + || = #

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Looks like Alan beat the hangover and made it to the 10k! Nailed it.

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a fox frozen in ice on display

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Got photobombed by a bird in Stockholm today

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Clever advice though

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Where my dog decided to poop.

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Mora, MN wherever that is

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Viewing Platform in Norway

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I took a few shots at Lake Louise today and Google offered me this panorama:

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The Fall

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