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Bench buddies: football edition

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11 points

How to protect your liquor store in Compton, CA

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14 points

Get your d*cks out

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51 points

This guy high-fived "The Todd" from Scrubs while dressed as The Todd

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63 points

There's an armed, cigar smoking guy on a segway circling the Arby's I'm in.

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92 points

You guys thought the fat guy was the ball eh?

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12 points

"Get me that optical illusion?" "Say no more fam!"

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10 points

Cop finds out pepper spray is flammable

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67 points

Subway's pretty passive aggressive

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12 points

This is a very true story

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7 points

Come by and make an anonymous donation.

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2 points

Boom, headshot.

Preview a3f3dc43 367e 4740 b072 b6d6a6b072d9

Perfectly timed

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6 points

Astronauts describing their Experiences in Space

Preview 95b69e73 a658 4bfa 9a36 ea4d679f8e94

Dat perfect timing

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3 points

This made my whole morning.

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2 points

Casually watching football until...

Preview a31abef1 7b86 4bce 8f6b 7b08243bf6a9
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Shaolin soccer in real life!

Preview 1d8e212e bd48 41cb bb1a 02d7745d3935

Co parenting at it's finest

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