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My cat enjoying her new bed

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Bright, elegant breakfast nook with built-in bookshelves in this home located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Spectacular view on a modern and organic sanctuary, Hampton Bays, Nueva York

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Bring the Seating Together, Beautiful Livingroom in Maxico

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Living room with a pond, located in Athens, Greece

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Loft in Former Industrial Building, Chelsea, New York

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Scandinavian Home with unique fireplace and cozy roof terrace photos by Jonas Berg

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The chair of the villain

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Just a pic of my cats telling the world what love is. 🌈

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Resting startled face

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Living room Lounge in our new home. Norway

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Tall living room with a library balcony in a restored home outside of Paris

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2BR apartment in east los angeles

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Saved this little cutie yesterday, she couldn't get out of the street

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21 points

Large Dogs That Still Think They’re Puppies

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18 points

She wasn't expecting a hug.

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20 points

My Friend's Terrace ( Athens )

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$9.5million Artist-designed Estate with this Living Room Overlooking Bolinas Lagoon | California

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I live in a tiny loft. It's not much, but it's home

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18 points

Caught in the act

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