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Open living area with double-height ceilings and marble floors in this home in Perth, Australia.

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138 points

Modern lounge room in Melbourne, Australia

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107 points

Architect office with a delta style 3D printer building a maquette

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91 points

Spacious and bright living room in Tel Aviv, Israel

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113 points
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Living room with windowed walls and high ceiling, Whistler, Canada

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107 points

Wooden Living Room - Lorne, Australia

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164 points

Livingroom with massive skylight located in The Netherlands

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129 points

Inviting the neighborhood into your living room in Cañete, Peru

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163 points
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Uuuuuhm...sorry dad!?

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173 points
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I'm the first one

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210 points
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Bedroom features angled, floor-to-ceiling glass walls providing a view of Lake Austin in Austin, Texas.

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113 points

Netflix and chill

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100 points

How it feels upvoting a post on hot

Preview cddc2aee ccbb 4c16 bb7b 2cf56ae09593
143 points

That would be the best satisfied thing I've ever heard of.

Preview cb41206f 490c 4f95 824b c98c0465c38d
155 points

Living room with plenty of natural light located in Luque, Paraguay

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103 points

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