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Thought I'd boost morale a bit, after the US didn't qualify for the World Cup soccer

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85 points

Tried to upright a dump truck, ended up befalling the same fate

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19 points

I found a six-leaf clover today

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12 points


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23 points

The Moment of Breakdown

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Mars Rover = $800 Million; Team to Operate = $1 Billion; Drawing a Dong on The Surface of Another Planet = Priceless.

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89 points

Mutitjulu Waterhole Uluru

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69 points

It was a dirty operation

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79 points

Be woke, people. This is the truth.

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60 points

Spike II firing

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Boundary Between Scottsdale, Arizona & Salt River Indian Reservation

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82 points

Google knows the streets

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64 points

There is a solar eclipse. HOW CAN WE MAKE IT ABOUT TRUMP?!?!?!

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71 points

The car tires make the sand spin

Preview 03af8a16 38b3 475f adbc a36342eaa767

Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, Africa

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44 points

"Little Iron Horse" Parksville, BC sandcastle competition

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75 points

Hello Please

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Lovely boulder

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19 points

Typical Russians.

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21 points

Am I too heavy for you?

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