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The car tires make the sand spin

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Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, Africa

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22 points

"Little Iron Horse" Parksville, BC sandcastle competition

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24 points

Hello Please

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Lovely boulder

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17 points

Typical Russians.

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17 points

Am I too heavy for you?

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My sister saw this at a kindergarten farm...

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23 points

Broken down bus near Pinhook Gap, NC, USA

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Happy Birthday To This Guy.

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So I was on Mt. Etna today. I was able to take a picture of the first growing plants after the Eruption. They are erect!

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20 points

No comment

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Remember the guy that hit tree in the middle of the desert? I found his brothers

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2 points

A friendly reminder from an european fellow

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1 points

You still mad? Oh shi...

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Street art employing a tuft of grass

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They have Weapons of Mass Destruction... And oil...

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This leaf looks like a tree losing its leaves

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98 points

Avocado Warning coming to the Midwest

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