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This one looks badass

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124 points

If there's something strange in your neighborhood...

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106 points

Never forget what u are fighting for

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97 points

Real Italians

Preview 2f967504 db6b 4b8b b99d 700db27c0210
155 points

Never forget about it "otakus"

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104 points

Holstered Attack Dogs.

Preview 6f6bf539 72d3 4b23 87e6 f923f07da705
160 points

Volvo is love, Volvo is life

Preview 7ce0f48b 0ca0 4f0c 9483 b7781aace9ed
146 points

Ivan saves the day

Preview c99ca2ee ebce 4472 b772 0534bd694fe6
101 points

TV show vs Book.

Preview 3c9271d7 39fc 409e b794 4067777ac8e6

It has been 10 days, they still haven't noticed i'm a chicken.

Preview 0899cc3e 48cc 4a5b bfff d1c678eeab74
135 points

Only 40's kids will remeber

Preview c606818d 17be 4f9b 9d77 1e02aa2c1eb6
84 points

Pretty badass if you ask me!

Preview d736c4a8 e3a0 4c7f 9ee3 7994b549ada1
215 points

I present you: The Dutch army getting ready to fight off the Nazies (didn't go very well)

Preview 8b9a6640 8ceb 480e 823f 91d9c5b8e32b
107 points

I'm half English, I can post this.

Preview f6bc0ba1 93e8 403b 9be4 070920b22f22
226 points

Russian Tanks

Preview 5beb640d 22f1 402b 94dc ca3f374b95f2

Ok, now a serious one

Preview 632a69e7 b78f 4bdd 814b 6821225b3d03
84 points

I ask me how?

Preview 496827c2 8c28 451e 8c9c 28898000e12d
79 points

Googled "the most british picture ever", was not disappointed!

Preview 7f8a5c95 35da 43db ba50 1bdf9bca7a9a
148 points

Hamburgers versus Pierogi ^_^

Preview b173c2ed c0de 4bdd a41c d16fdc24f8cc
63 points

Just Serbian antiterror unit

Preview 2646f272 7d4f 4f5c b369 338230825eeb
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