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Found This in my attic.

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Damn it,kim. (not mine)

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23 points

How I achieve things

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The Baker Wouldn't Send Us a Picture of the Cake Topper Until the Day of the Wedding... We Soon Found Out Why

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We all know that one

Preview 231409ea 9a90 42cc 8cc8 7f04ade85c81
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They told Helen Keler she couldn't speak... but did she complain?

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Not sure what I was expecting when I googled baby centipedes...

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Make a wish, it will be partially granted. What did you got?

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Welcome to the family.... bitch.

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Honest Pony

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Richard Sandrak at 10 years old

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Looks like you caught a case of the ga..

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"Smile kids"

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*confused screaming*

Preview 435c887d e63d 455e b00b debf6bd3760d
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Enough of internet for today

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This describes me a lot

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1926. Some pictures need no words.

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Prank my dad he didn't like hoooo noooo


Love those comics

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