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Perfect attendance

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The numbers game

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12 points

Let's Party (by Humon)

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Niggu wut ??

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10 points

Pizza is sharing, pizza is caring

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14 points

Uh thanks I guess

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11 points

Everyday we stray further from God!

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11 points

Parents try taking a cute photo with their baby. But it looks like they're both sucking dicks.

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108 points

His face though ^_^

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0 points

So deep!

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7 points

How are ninjas born

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7 points

Horse Rocks Laughing Baby Is The Most Adorable Thing You'd See Today

410 points

I used to have several personalities, but now we are healed!

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5 points


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This kid is going places. Probably back to the orphanage...but places.

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6 points

85 - 95 kids...

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2 points

Every decision you have ever made have took you here, to this moment, to see this picture.

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2 points

Stay cool

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2 points

"Bowie took my spot"

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Proud Lineage

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