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I knew it

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55 points

Lost my helium-balloon 20 xmas ago

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My youngest daughter got a handful of my oldest girls’ hair

Preview 6e2fb468 c52b 4ce6 8242 4b87140439d3
105 points

My aunt just received her son's kindergarten picture.

Preview 9925b0f0 1cb6 44d4 b19c d761d1dd32ad
50 points

But first, let me take a selfie!

Preview 7576e94b aa7a 41b7 a387 dddcfc2f7564

Early 1900's Santa Claus

Preview 7faae399 dd25 4d97 809a ec47736dd76d
39 points

Okay Lenin

Preview 12fc01b2 32ca 4e41 a19f 11d7bbf3b4fe
40 points

My parents haven't noticed.

Preview 7b5de2a7 06ee 4e42 bc8a d433fe73d528
14 points

Ho Ho Oh No...

Preview 0fc0c37c 561f 4002 be5d eb1eca3cf53e

It's not medicine, it's Pepsi

Preview bebb6e7c 180e 4c7e 9681 4f9240c8e0a3
23 points

Surgically removed forehead after BMX crash

Preview 29ed9960 969e 41c7 b356 aa579b43d5e0
53 points

I beg your pardon, Is the housewife around

Preview acdf8431 9aa2 4d20 8cc7 af3467f6f5bd
24 points

This made my day😂

Preview 4b0fe920 087e 4342 86c7 ae40bd356c9a
83 points

My Constipated newborn finally pooped!!

Preview c161d9a6 4d85 48f9 8c7f 1009a5efa65d
55 points

cute baby

Preview 8197edfc 9805 4e14 b2b8 6f0cb1494775
33 points

When everyone in the house is sleeping and you can finally jerk off

Preview 0ba97a22 f9c8 49d3 897d 4d1e52d50989
49 points

My mom took this selfie as I threw a remote at my brother

Preview 68628f5e fea2 4560 87e9 65b111e8094b

Wife works at a permanent foster home. Found this in the work van.

Preview ed38c47f 3d58 4c80 afbe ffea58a41a5e
40 points

Oh god..

Preview 2b24a310 0751 46cf 9613 2bc6bd927532
19 points

My parents haven't noticed.

Preview b2be8dd8 df0d 4fb0 b6ee 2f0ad5e1e250
44 points

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