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Still hurts to see

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Coraline by Irina Sabetskaya

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Any guitar lovers right here ? This is my 1987 Lespaul Custom Showcase

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Made a Rick and Morty guitar in anticipation for Season 3

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Thx a lot ya, nuckin figger!

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24 points

Pathetic as well !!

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5 points

Someone's fetish

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I wouldn't be caught dead next to this hole


I made an epic orchestra piece out of an EMOJI! See what it sounds like... 💯👌🏼


I mean ffs. Popular artists don't even write their own f**king songs anymore nor create their own music

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7 points

67 Jaguar I got for 20.00 at a garage sale.

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18 points

You don't even need a piano...

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19 points

Back in my day!

Preview 27722fdf ae9b 4183 9424 07a038674c57
10 points

This guitar has a wheel to try out different pickups.

Preview 48c2c309 3187 4f98 91eb 36a915abc492
13 points

This guitar has a wheel to try out different motions

Preview f30e5b9a ed70 43e2 be46 37d26e8c1ef5
17 points

Something's in my bed!

10 points

Guitarists will understand

Preview e2294833 193a 401e 85e4 2bd0de9cf92f
136 points

The guide

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