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Iran, Have We Got Some Tricky Dicks for You!!!

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75 points

Engine failure

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80 points

What I expect from this sub

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55 points


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88 points

Two surfers catching waves under the pier

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Bruce McCandless II, “free-flying” 320 ft from his orbiter, further than any previous astronaut.

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This causes emergency landing

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75 points

The moon's shadow of today's eclipse seen from the international space station

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120 points

Hes on his toes too!

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How accurate do you think this is?

Preview fe27c752 d58d 415c b059 569241f6bc48

A house shaped lile a plane in Lebanon!

Preview 5423a19a 09a1 4781 a10b cb0d3dc1ff7f
83 points

Kill dumb mot*******rs

Preview 76265a38 7a03 4812 b5d6 2c8867a277ae
66 points

This plane hit a bird.

Preview 129becf9 d242 4ac1 a5a1 e8118532915f
40 points

Concorde zipping past during the 1973 eclipse

Preview b451c207 0409 46dc bd33 4b9e0f66f02b
44 points

Rocket to Mars

Preview aa9f7fa3 d927 4de9 88b0 5c1bae21959b
11 points

Space shuttle Atlantis launching

Preview dd3d446e 8d14 4729 9254 7bd75eea4982
19 points

Top of Mast

Preview 4a9815b8 666f 4796 8e83 22417893e459

Wtf fact of the day

Preview 8d570ea3 b34f 4e19 ae15 75f5fe43dc3e
87 points

Also, I got oil

Preview 4f50d6b9 c5b9 488c bd62 dd44820c5c94
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