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It has begun

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154 points

Crazy Guy Invents The World's Fastest Bumper Car And This Is How FAST It Is

327 points

Meet The 4-Year-Old Baby Biker Who Has Insane Motorcycle Skills

308 points

Yeah South Africa.

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106 points

Or is it the 5th Ninja Turtle?

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142 points

When Camera Shutter Is Synchronized To Helicopter's Rotor Speed, It Creates Mind-Blowing Illusion

193 points

Seems legit. Should I go in and catch it?

Preview 0a32b13a 7954 4230 a807 954179c38c8a
192 points

Had to be fixed

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293 points

Modern slavery

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103 points

1969 toyota 2000gt

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130 points

When your gf borrows your car

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213 points
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79 points

Space Shuttle launch

Preview 79298607 ccb5 48cf 9b35 5386a8293540
103 points

Uglyest car in history

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158 points

No chill - paint job

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159 points

Man trying to nap on the freeway

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136 points

Some car porn for the car lovers here

Preview 879ba8e2 bf12 4756 aea7 003b296dec37
181 points

The original bumper dumper, which actually is on the bumper.

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211 points

Your crush.

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