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The size of hurricane Irma!

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My thought for the day

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Jupiter's south pole

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10 points

What a surprise!

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17 points

Flatties untie. I mean unite. Or whatever.

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Jupiter's South Pole. What you see is a bunch of 10,000km wide cyclones.

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Well he's not wrong

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Hes not wrong

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A planet goes into dark orbit once every 3,000 years!!

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Total Eclipse as seen from Sublimity, Oregon

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17 points

A picture of the solar eclipse taken by an infra red camera

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22 points

Well, he's not wrong

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Any question?

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Oh, Uranus...the butt of so many jokes.

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Beautiful Lunar eclipse from our flat earth

Preview 59e29968 9ad2 4946 8014 d8348f1993fa
95 points

I love the way the earth rotates

Preview 9ccb9de3 f064 4a7d 8993 12f904f182f0
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Beautiful Lunar eclipse from our flat earth

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