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Thought I'd boost morale a bit, after the US didn't qualify for the World Cup soccer

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If God created the Sun in the fourth day...

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66 points

Finally fixed it!

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85 points

Earth approves...

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57 points

The damn truth

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Be woke, people. This is the truth.

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It's almost as bad as cancer

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Thanks Hollywood

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What the medias won't show you

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The size of hurricane Irma!

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Hurricane Irma if it would have passed over Europe

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Meanwhile, in a Flat Earther Facebook group...

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12 points

It all started when the Rock stole a piece of rock

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32 points

Hope for the future

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53 points

In 2015... Brazil had as many homicides as all the blue countries combined...

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Who want the Republic army

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They have Weapons of Mass Destruction... And oil...

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