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Caught this photo of spider web refracting sunlight on a hike last night

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24 points

The structure silkhenge spiders build to protect their eggs

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24 points

Ash covered spider web after a fire.

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22 points

Nope chart

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18 points

The more you know

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13 points

This weird af spider that built a web from the neighbor's fence to our house....

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23 points

Ohh heeell no

Preview 10ea0b63 af9b 431f 8ba6 fe72a852e676
2 points

My wife said she saw all her nightmares come true when she took this.

Preview 79f8d04e 21ab 409c afa4 6e9d601abdd1
7 points

wrapping his car in gift paper!


Vikins are way cooler than knights, in my opinion

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5 points

Cute Nope. The Peacoke Spider.

Preview b1b29f0d df77 44e4 99d3 a5866830dca4

The pun is too much...

Preview 829cd4f9 7488 42d6 9d3b 6aebe64592c0
18 points


Preview c46e6f3a 21bc 4d6a 9d79 998a2dd37658
22 points

Spider minding its own buisness


When you have 2 giant crabs


Tried to take a pic of the reddest ladybug I'd seen

Preview 431b3c31 2900 457c b9df 3b1ac255e34a

Lady wolf spider and family - crosspost

Preview 867d9582 0931 4dcb be77 e791fbccb9a5
11 points

Shattered Sunset

Preview 34aca9c5 67df 4b2d ae48 9cab71897b95
12 points

Found on my car window at six am. Didn't need coffee to wake me up this morning.

Preview f95366ca f6d6 47a1 82f1 ed394694d33a
93 points

Found this little guy in my wood pile.

Preview 3cc5a23e 662a 4113 befa dc68880231ac
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