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Duke's football coach David Cutcliffe gets a Gatorade bath

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Part of a series of photos by Lex Augusteijn, there are only a handful that exist and this is one of my favourites.

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I was feeling sad so I googled "frog" and found this picture of a frog straight up suplexing another frog I will never be sad again.

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I didn't know gameboy had a camera

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But mom, he's gonna ruin everything

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Little brother enjoying Hawaii

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I'm seriously freaking out right now guys. I'm at a shelter and im still freaking out!!!!

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This is the north pole of Saturn, 2100 km long and 540 km/h of Red wind speed (from Cassini sond)

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(Sorry for taking the pic) But now I understand why all those apocalypse and alien invasion movies take place in America, Look at this.!

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A fever of stingrays

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PS Battle: these frogs.

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Methane bubbles trapped in a frozen lake

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Expertly framed.

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Intense selfie

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The madafakin dolphin has a better sex life than me. *cries in the corner

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Otherworldly Waterfall you can find in Romania (Bigar Waterfall)

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High-speed photography turns waves to ice

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Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

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If you drag the yellow street view guy over Area 51, he turns into a UFO.

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