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Otherworldly Waterfall you can find in Romania (Bigar Waterfall)

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13 points

High-speed photography turns waves to ice

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75 points

Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

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50 points

If you drag the yellow street view guy over Area 51, he turns into a UFO.

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71 points

Missed by a little.

Preview e98bcd1d fb25 4a12 85f3 7e67d36c6ef8

My Dog Looking Insane

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10 points

Reporter Gets Juiced

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If Pokemon moves were actually realistic


"I didn't sign up for this at Journalism school"

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Kid splashing water and creating a thin film of water on his face

Preview be82d669 3cbc 4de9 ad6d 019215a62d8d

Distribution of slang terms used instead of "friend"

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1 points

This is a lizard that has been soaking in all kind of chemicals.

Preview 23397665 4131 4ef0 abd3 445f845f6912
3 points

When you type "Google" into Google Chrome's search bar

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109 points

6-Feet Man Jumping On 6-Feet Giant Water Balloon Until It Breaks In Slow Motion Is Oddly Satisfying

271 points


Preview 46e48e8a 2b11 46f7 9441 417075668c64

The waterbending skills are strong with this one

Preview 1f4ce05a 959e 41a5 8016 5fe378f71776
161 points

Well...there, there it is...

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137 points

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