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Guy on far right stole guy on far left’s Doritos. Choas ensues.

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Assassination by Foam Block

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And that’s how condoms work

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Guys adjust they’re hats.

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Good old times

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"Just send it bro"

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Yes, I would like to science please

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79 points

Not mine

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Attempting a wake jump.

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Tequila's first trip to the park. Circa 2013.

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Alaskan Flat Tire

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Every year my boyfriend and his friends do a themed No Shave November picture.

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59 points

YES, Right!

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47 points

Ran into old fam

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70 points

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled...

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Needs to be reiterated every generation. Not everyone puts in equal effort, risk, dedication, time, etc. so not every gets equal results.

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40 points

There are two types of man

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