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Turns out the Ronaldo statue was realistic all along

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138 points

Damnit Russia

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147 points

Hurdlers without hurdles

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113 points

Life after death

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92 points

Escaping the Wave

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132 points

Another perspective

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120 points

Just Do it!

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133 points

Me levitating my way to victory.

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115 points

Wrong place at the wrong time

Preview f50a318b a4f6 475e a4b9 8a57d7792bd9
126 points

Don't be a dick when parking

Preview 1950a88a 5b74 4368 8911 89ba431f72b2
124 points

My son throwing a baseball against a bounce back while I photographed from behind it.

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How did they get this picture when he was going so fast?

Preview d24e19ac 9aa6 42d6 abda 58968624f69e
134 points

Karate or Basketball?

Preview be2d4dbb f283 4d15 9b73 c42e055d9050

Field Day for the Kindergarteners. I discovered this perfectly timed shot as I was sorting pictures.

Preview f017369d ae03 48b9 82d0 1d379d141032

This sums it up.

Preview 2313a7dd 61a7 41ce 80ef 138380e859d5
110 points

Must be nice to not have legs

Preview 9507d023 de8e 41be a5de a4b1e424c5b3
74 points

After 4 straight winless seasons my basketball team finally won the championship. THIS is what hard work and practice looks like.

Preview 7bb588c3 1146 4706 a6b3 87f5cf58f5c5
87 points

How pizza has been delivered this weekend in Brazil

Preview da8a5dcf d7f6 43f7 85a8 09e16350ea70
65 points

Swinging shirt looks like a crow chillin

Preview f9d68dbd c28e 40a3 920d f7d47c2b317a
112 points

Are you a believer?

Preview 2beffcf5 5ca6 46eb 8153 4e76c0544823

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