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Thanks to all who helped without having to be shamed into it.

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Why did the whites won? that's racist!

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Hassan Whiteside is unimpressed with his performance tonight.

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Fight me demons!!!

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Oh wow!

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The moment before my friend got hit by a beer bottle to the face

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And her shirt is still too small

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66 Corvette sting ray

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Leafs-Hurricanes game

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Halloween Costumes

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When your gnome mage is richer than a country's elite

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A gag my father pulled at a basketball game in college

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Learn Geography with' Murica - Ep.1

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True ..

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Miss all the old flags... Yugoslavia, U.S.S.R and France

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Roughest sport I ever played!

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We had a Disney themed party so I made us a Slinky from Toy Story costume!

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Sounds about right

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