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Having 100,000 link karma and 6,000 comment karma

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99 points

WTF This plunger? WHY

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100 points

Motorcycle racer flying into the air.

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Killin it with that CVS receipt

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92 points

Become a cop they said.

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110 points


Preview e33d219b 4501 4334 943c bbf231c80a59

Fuck golfers

Preview 5af34bec 4397 484b a909 f582b0abb177

Michigan - high school golfer attacked by goose.

Preview 76355050 ade3 4b97 857b 08bc014f2f29

Get in loser we’re going crying

Preview 79966f95 773c 416c b132 ecd52c5001b6
106 points

Pretty sure this was his first time on a trampoline.

Preview 5ae1db9f f4ab 4053 b17f c7fd93b9f116
78 points

Will they chauffeur him away in the Executor?

Preview 6565636c c166 4797 bd2b 3ce3bbf718cb
51 points

Whelp thats a good design

Preview 005cff45 c914 47ab b025 c8f3aba38d8f
65 points

His foot

Preview 0102fd56 88ab 4269 b9ef 38967ea626fc

Chicken or egg

Preview 00a31eb9 77f0 4265 8829 bc73514433f8
99 points

My hometown has become a tourist destination for the Hatfield McCoy trails. I really thought I had seen it all...

Preview d6e1cadb a80d 444c 8de2 c2dfa3e0aab5
82 points

Good thing he was wearing a helmet

Preview 7de1d50e a049 4603 b202 8a96edf439df

Damn squirrel.

Preview 400f46fa 9cce 43ff a5e7 efd4016a16a1
106 points

Redneck ingenuity In the Midwest

Preview 09c32455 b7da 4bf6 a581 1f81d7979ab9
98 points

Tinder in Thailand

Preview e8186f76 5c40 4fb2 887b d19a48e75e15
106 points

Just like a toon to drop a safe on a guy's head.

Preview d65752e5 f0b3 45d8 873d ae5b07c135cb
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