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You disgust me, Ronald

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69 points

Guys adjust they’re hats.

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73 points

A classic game of face ball

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Keep your head on a swivel at a Bills tailgate.

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48 points

NHL record

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Sunset over MSU stadium this Saturday

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40 points

Go dodgers

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83 points

Buying an EA game be like

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98 points


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103 points

The perfect selfie doesn't exi.....

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153 points

For research purpose

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106 points

A nazi is punched at the Richard Spencer protest at the University of Florida - 10/19/17

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117 points

Best shirt ever!

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67 points

Dad reflexes

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Dad reflexes

Preview 69559512 1b29 41ee 98e0 b354cc2a6185
92 points

Captured the actual expression of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Preview 236d0866 2611 4c60 912a 57de122ff2db
12 points

When you are beating policemen and burning cars but you're still not sure if people understand that you're angry

Preview 62bd0f51 1a2a 4cd7 8156 90c5676b3d82
176 points

Lol. It Evil.

Preview 14436df7 915e 42b2 a1e6 8335c5489801
64 points

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