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80 points


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66 points

...and that's where lightning bolts come from, children

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60 points

Oh wow!

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Broken TV Prank On My Boy


When your custom character enters a cut scene

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107 points

Where is the ball?

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22 points

Flag feelings

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"Shut up and kiss me..."


Loving these new uprising skins.

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6 points

The closest thing to fast travel that we would ever get

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1 points

This man is a legend.

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22 points

Damn those bills

Preview e5b1826d 39a3 459a aada 90e5ca17b287
22 points

If I work for the police!

Preview a04116d6 ad6a 403e 8ef2 891625626174
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Laurine van Riessen Rides Horizontally Along the Wall to Avoid a Crash in Rio

Preview ca065c52 ceb1 48c6 bc56 359af35bb037

He still got a hit.

Preview 50d3330b 3185 420a b22c 6998bf1e7d2b

Welcoming my coworker back to the office properly after his extended medical leave. --

Preview 4468d164 3773 4e17 a9ee be8d4b755b19
21 points

Give me an Börk

Preview f20a8b37 1102 4261 ae3a 6e5025f951df

Chinese Cheerleading

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19 points

Well, Rodger is just going to change again.

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