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This is how far back the James Webb Space Telescope will be able to look back in time.

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21 points

Dude... Really?

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2 points


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15 points

Oh apple....

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10 points

Infinite money or 1 million?

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18 points

Cmon guys stop comparing them

Preview cbd13b02 1fb4 42f6 820c 7fe5241718b4

Different types of chess

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4 points

That's my card

Preview b29e110e 0502 4181 81c9 ac5150a5424d
4 points

Still no answer

Preview 2da8e6ee 9309 4afa ac98 9de1318e5822
12 points

We are all shades of toast

Preview 05e77cdb 3cf2 42c9 8c87 8bc69c57f61d
12 points

The time stamps.

Preview c7bbbfe9 e70e 4364 8885 f4147239df43
109 points

Reasons Guys Want to Lose Weight

Preview 976b7a9a e8a9 45f9 b7ba 23100f624a90
4 points

Archiving the World’s Saddest Destinations Via Google Maps

Preview ba725037 6dbe 4655 a54a f26677c55b88
5 points

I honestly think Siri does this just to mock me

Preview a614df99 9598 48ff aedd f5c20e768fd6
14 points

Salt grains under microscope (fixed)

Preview ef490c9f 919d 4fe4 bc72 2dc7e69ff019
5 points

OkCupid putting it's foot down.

Preview 420007d9 8e76 4bf5 aeae f9fef1fcb2f0
10 points

This chart...

Preview 7f42fb37 df8b 49c8 88a3 85dd9e4f01b8
5 points

Playful Lettering Alterations Transform Ordinary Words into Clever Illustrations Part 2

Preview 87060f18 d490 497c bd67 a9dd8f61aa4a
8 points


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7 points


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