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When you're home for Christmas and it's time for your parents' annual computer maintenance

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94 points

Need to take a break?

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89 points

What happens when 'A' can't solve π? - Sleeping cloth

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73 points

I'm new in the internet. Am I doing it right?

Preview 9ddd4909 fdb4 4f93 8e5f baa76d8d3295
52 points

Seconds Before Disaster

Preview f0337851 ba4a 4387 b3c6 bde4e2551ce5
60 points

Seems about right.

Preview 1a3bafba 7896 4ed6 a6be 19e807ea87bb
33 points

Ungrateful lil c**t

Preview dbf8b609 231f 4698 88f5 06beb94c835e
98 points

Recently moved +1000 miles from parents. Got this from my dad and laughed out loud. Really miss him.

Preview 5ba3639f 4f74 4996 8168 b8a1fcb24c04
80 points

This rugh jiggles if you stare at it and shake your phone

Preview e415c091 68e0 4c6b b4e9 46d8d9b54f9e
84 points

Review of a Sonic game.

Preview abd4603c 32e7 40e4 ae5a 6356ab856e49

How do u do dis?

Preview b8c5658f b6b3 4437 bd4a 85ff60538dac
72 points

Why did the whites won? that's racist!

Preview 68979f40 2023 48c2 b1f9 cfc50f0614db
62 points

Plot twist

Preview 94a1d647 58f4 4d0a ae97 54b1a74c91d1
12 points

This is how far back the James Webb Space Telescope will be able to look back in time.

Preview 9d63f485 6355 4a95 b7c8 b9d3bba3b29a
125 points

How to solve a Rubik's cube

Preview 27ebdc41 1847 48d6 9fe3 bd663ae38bdd
115 points

Dude... Really?

Preview 2f5a6da2 2172 4942 a8bb afd8fbad9ff0
12 points


Preview 03e80d33 5f7a 419c 86b2 b375cfa4bbc0
60 points

Oh apple....

Preview 13e8bb07 86ee 474d bf32 1c3137694bbc
18 points

Infinite money or 1 million?

Preview 17c7793a e9fa 4fe8 967e da46e07f718a
44 points

Cmon guys stop comparing them

Preview cbd13b02 1fb4 42f6 820c 7fe5241718b4

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