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When you use testosterone as fertilizer

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meow gang

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𝓔҉̀҉͡҉҉҉̠҉̱҉̞҉͇҉̝҉̬҉ ҉̢҉́҉̛҉̦҉̠҉̱҉̰҉̺҉̼҉𝓧҉̀҉̴҉̕҉́҉̰҉̲҉̦҉̻҉̲҉̹҉̗҉͎҉̰҉͉҉͙҉̻҉͎҉ ҉͝҉͞҉̮҉̳҉̘҉̙҉͖҉̭҉͇҉̫҉͉҉𝓟҉̷҉͝҉̡҉͚҉͇҉͙҉̠҉̮҉̮҉̮҉̥҉̯҉̜҉͔҉̤҉̠҉̗҉

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The dragon pumpkin :)

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Missing engagement ring found on garden carrot 13 years later

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Told them it was art...

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Smells like pumpkin spice.

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My fiance and I made pumpkins like one we saw on here, but they've started to rot. Now our pumpkins look like a couple of crazy meth heads.

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A 84 Year Old Woman In Canada Lost Her Ring In 2004, And Just Found It Wrapped Around A Carrot On Her Farm

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Popular german dinner...

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After reading the comments

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Got my magnetic implant for a year now, feel free to ask me about it

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F**king steve!

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Critical info

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Picture not mine but it's dope tho

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How Armin knew the identity of the colossal titan

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If you're looking for a family-friendly pumpkin carving, search no longer.

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