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I didn't know if to call the police or animal control

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I love you too :)

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Carp in a tree after a flood

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96 points

Suprise from above!

17 points

Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

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Squirrels really are thieving jerks. This one would always steal our tomatoes shortly before turning ripe.

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Montreal squirrel steals go-pro, amazing escape captured on video...


Girls love squirrels

21 points

Snow day for Doge

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The itchy squirrel in action.

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I'm sorry to bother you!

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Eyesss...Love it...Babyyy Squirrel...

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Man releases injured squirrel

102 points

"Please play with me!"

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74 points

Capybara family

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70 points

One man’s trash is another chipmunk’s reading material.

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63 points

squirrel things..

120 points

So apparently, not all things want to kill you in Australia.

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147 points

Come to me delicacy

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