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Hurdlers without hurdles

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This is a very true story

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Perfectly timed

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Dat perfect timing

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In 1979 Robin Williams became the first ever male cheerleader for the Denver Broncos football team.

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210 points

She didn't stick the landing

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154 points

Not hard to guess I guess

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He's always scouting for new talent

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There, I fixed it.

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Never judge a book by it's cover

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234 points

Thirty is the new speed!

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New England's Patriot newest receiver. #51 The Ground.

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Not even a bit

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78 points

Thats gotta hurt.

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202 points

The referee just doesn't care. Maybe he's trying to save the man

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154 points

When you want to help your team but you don't know how

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Different kind of yoga

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Man, this thing is really jammed up there!

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She didn't stick the landing

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