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This man is a legend.

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My boy made the team

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Wonderful view from the Monterrey Stadium, New Mexico.

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Went to see IT, I'm the first one in the theater, and this f**king guy is just sitting there

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Bali United players celebrated a goal in the best way to answer intolerance issue in Indonesia

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2 points

The Monterrey Stadium, Mexico

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Perfectly aligned tulip fields, Spoorbuurt, the Netherlands.

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When in Rome

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Hey man where is the ball? -I don't know!! keep searching!

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Cricket batsman using his Jedi powers

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Give me an Börk

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Chinese Cheerleading

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A bit messy

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Spain's new shirt looks like it got dirty while eating bolognese pasta

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Wherever you are, thank you mate

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This guy high-fived "The Todd" from Scrubs while dressed as The Todd

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"Glass being shattered from hockey check."

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You guys thought the fat guy was the ball eh?

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Your daily dose of facts

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Hurdlers without hurdles

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