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Rock band playing outside of H.S. for a film festival. Hotdogs were being grilled, and I felt a number of wieners hit my body. Photo captures evidence

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77 points

Me failing to catch a basketball

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Good night vibes in San Marcos of San Diego County, California

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53 points

Santas Fourth Helper Clocking Out Early

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Asking the real questions.

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17 points

At least we know Meryl Streep will be there!

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"Carrie Fisher asked about Finn and Poe"

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58 points

trains in cape town during rush hour

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21 points

That's a Rad sweater you got there fam

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Bennelong, a restaurant on the Sydney Opera House, Australia

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Took this picture while another photographer flash was off

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Snapped this photo at a Portugal. The Man concert just as a light shined on the lens

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He got into one little fight.

Preview 9b9eacb1 e0e8 4fb6 a5f7 c4b3ea4f2cbf
22 points

What kind of monster brings a balloon to a movie?

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23 points

Torture contraption that speaks for itself.

Preview f4dc9fd5 1608 47a9 926b d850a576ff94
109 points

The new Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern

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72 points

Clickhole's Instagram response to Tom Petty's death

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42 points

Roses are red, genetic expressions sometimes can raise a lot of questions

Preview 9ca6a519 5372 4304 8904 4e82a7613266
24 points

Hershey's KISS

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