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The cook who burns

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51 points

Everyone is locking up tidpods but my local Costco was giving out free samples

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59 points

Guy paid with this while apologizing profusely.

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87 points

I'd still give em a good squeeze to be sure.

Preview c2fbc009 fa4c 4fb2 aedd 21ad81e2da16
50 points

True for most people.

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63 points

Bud Lightyear

Preview 64001eef 58da 4c4e 839b a79e4e4a13c8
67 points

I want to know the back story of each one

Preview 608103c0 636e 4306 abcb 096f2ec3a699
33 points

Turbo Sex Machine

Preview 6606e70a c3ee 450d a1cc d9d3f7cf8a24
76 points

Tom is a lucky man.

Preview b45346bc 1d6f 4e53 8e2e b0dc086930a5
80 points


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Work Wear spared

Preview f869d8fe b0c6 4262 9e5e c177f281712f
24 points

Fruit dealer

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Preview 6bd805d2 0383 430a b136 dcd20564b170
19 points

Anyone for a cuppa?

Preview 929dc744 d84b 4cd8 96cb 472e33a554e0
43 points

Bathroom Serenade


Welcome weary traveler, which elixirs do you seek?

Preview 75a2d480 4f83 4c24 81d2 d8cd84da48d6
136 points

Press X to doubt

Preview 717ee61c e492 4f1c bfa4 eaeb1f028998
98 points

Guy orders and eats a Burger with 1000 extra slices of cheese

Preview 4fd086a3 8d8e 41aa ae40 e3ee54f31396
51 points

An old worn out sticker on a shelf in a local juice shop, Bangalore, southern India

Preview e0856b32 3e66 4dba a78f eac2e54be4fe

Wholesome dad spotted

Preview fc478b5a b38f 449d 8a21 da41e8f5c889
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