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This gambling machine I saw in Mexico

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78 points

Don't want to be offensive now

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56 points

Remembering 'that' Ikea April Fool 😂

Preview 23b5ee0f 666d 4b5b 9f45 8dd69f87c80d
99 points

Oh yeah!!!

Preview 9661d157 cdb9 479e 99bb 502d0334da0d

How to keep people away from your food.

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93 points

Found this memelord at my local gym the other day

Preview c2d2cd0c bbac 4753 b35a 3b996e2c88de
70 points

We all know an exaggerator

Preview 1c0e80c9 12e8 4bc5 b4ba baef6cd8b50a
66 points

Found this at a garage sale

Preview f1dcd0e2 0f59 49e7 9115 dcc500496532
63 points


Preview 7e10808c 6337 46dd 9d1a 9000e3432abe
65 points

There has to be an easier way.

Preview 12897eb2 3496 4ac4 aede 0de206d774e0
110 points

My friend made an action figure of his dad with packaging and everything and gave it to him for Christmas

Preview 3c2dbc2d f182 49ef aa37 538f83310ecc
97 points

Don't we all

Preview 7f832c66 50a8 43c6 8497 1619ee2ae5b2
109 points

I photoshopped myself into various Adobe software splash screens at my old place of work before I left

Preview a96fa898 89e4 4e90 a84f 71a116ec23c0
89 points

I Need A Firm Male Reproduction Organ

Preview 44eeb403 b9d4 4f68 a444 8ab7bf3408e2
71 points

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled...

Preview 6f6171ce 9544 40c7 94c6 50567bfea231
72 points

Not cool man

Preview cf1d3505 bdd1 4ab8 8d4b 70cf139961d2
23 points

Life was simple back then

Preview 403119a8 e8fd 4a50 bf82 b39ae3054111
51 points

The only kind of trading cards to collect

Preview bf72b44c 5b63 4842 86d0 b7a5db2321ad

I'm out..

Preview 56a0f7f5 2af8 4886 bed8 33d070a0304a
83 points

WTF Murica

Preview 39bb34f6 a23f 4202 b8a9 cde8375ad4ed
51 points

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