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His face when I brought out his toy

Preview a1547528 95b6 4aad accd b50369cc9fb2
82 points

When I switch from regular jeans into high waist ones.

Preview 3cc7aac6 9620 4d16 8caa 5810f41b4553
85 points

My cat took a selfie

Preview 4897a0a6 da07 40c9 8a37 6f4ff3548a0c
50 points

Just metal things \m/

Preview 7bb081ff 0f51 48f0 9e2c e2c97e12ffd3
85 points

Another pretty picture as a reward for browsing fresh. Have a good day

Preview da798dc1 c601 4100 9455 3c9d41fa777d
71 points

Looking into the Abyss

Preview d97270e7 e74e 4b8f a443 36a2291c097a
121 points

Mine too

Preview bce1d0b3 19bc 484f b0de 7905ceca15af
76 points

I love Ethan and Hila (H3H3productions), soo happy they finnaly won the law suit. Papa Bless !!

Preview 238760fd 25f7 4106 9202 5af11bbc15b9
81 points

Yup is real

Preview 6e8935bf 1334 424b a5d6 66210d3096f4
47 points

When my friend cheer me up.

Preview 8691dd88 c643 4a56 bfa5 4dfcd564b684
57 points

The tiger from the first few Tomb Raider games..

Preview 61268c8d 4e12 40eb a49d 8a0d1541c65b
73 points

What do you think is more important..

Preview e2f976a4 4243 40ba b34b a500f4936a28
56 points


Preview 7af52e05 5250 4236 b73a da03d97c814d
191 points

The bandana was nice, though.

Preview bcad4df3 c546 4a64 a0b6 fef094545bfd
98 points

Too many people in this world dont get sarcasm

Preview 7552a642 b372 4c11 b5ab 6a68aa037331
210 points

Some cool facts about the eyes

Preview b75ea367 47f1 409a 8cd6 bd15f6eda5ad
149 points

I've lost control on the cat.

Preview fc8333e3 997a 482c 82a8 6e8de69b08c3


Preview 9026f927 eb7e 4c9d a1c3 1c114362a8d6
229 points

It is so beautiful!!!

Preview 60665dad b2ab 4222 882c 7c6f22db57a0
71 points

Tongue Out

Preview c7096392 6c6e 405c 978b edad4600de80

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