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sure had me fooled.

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Indoor pool room features a vaulted ceiling and a lap pool with art glass at the bottom -- designed by Deep River Partners, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Highland Park Bowl, Los Angeles, CA. Originally opened 1927, more pics in comments

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Elevator shaft

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From my drive home...

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All that saving finally paid off.

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Modern industrial home in Bangkok, Thailand

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Unethical business practice! An ad by funeral service that wants you to jump in front of a train.

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We sometimes have special time in India, cause why not?

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I think everyone should read these two books at least once in a lifetime.

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Ghostbuster on his way to work.

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This photo broke my heart (not mine)... rescuer going back home after a long day of supporting.

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This is 100% legit. Except when Hans gets ze Flammenwerfer.

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Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

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I went to Milan to create a frame for this photo. Live frame.

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It does apparently

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Not mine. But too beautiful to not share

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Renaissance Ninja Artists....

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Kijiji Prank Calls !!!

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