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Modern industrial home in Bangkok, Thailand

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70 points

Unethical business practice! An ad by funeral service that wants you to jump in front of a train.

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79 points

I think everyone should read these two books at least once in a lifetime.

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60 points

Ghostbuster on his way to work.

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55 points

This photo broke my heart (not mine)... rescuer going back home after a long day of supporting.

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115 points

Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

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74 points

I went to Milan to create a frame for this photo. Live frame.

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42 points

It does apparently

Preview bcc308b5 f53a 49ec a6dd 4fdee88aa43d
20 points

Not mine. But too beautiful to not share

Preview 488c8d0f 5a8e 4c1a 9bfd f4aa1525e7f3
216 points

Renaissance Ninja Artists....

Preview 01bbf771 5ddf 46fd b4ad 545c52d6587d
13 points

Kijiji Prank Calls !!!

15 points

57 year old woman on drugs parked in Düsseldorf airport entrance, because she "needed to pee". She is now parked in a psychiatric hospital.

Preview 6cc1e110 b232 4c54 887e cecab618f93c
105 points

Doesn't seem like the best place to do that

Preview 8ff57919 1e02 4647 9416 3ed5f36bc8f4
328 points

Talented Subway Performer Mike Yung Performing "A Change Is Gonna Come" Is Absurdly Fantastic!

286 points

Power lines in Thailand

Preview e72d1352 3608 46ce 9cca 713ac332c967
233 points

Gf spotted this in Portland, Maine

Preview c5accbfe 238b 4fbb 98ec 826a6b6a9712
137 points

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