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Don read this one to

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That Is EPIC

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Or they think you are fool

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Personal care is first

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Don't be too helpful

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Thanks for your service.

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Located in Siberia, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, honouring the sacrificed animals for the generic research.

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If they will make a Movie of The Witcher. They already know who to call, its.. -Mads Mikkelsen-

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Old butt gold.

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USJ armored titan. Schoolgirls for scale.

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Old butt gold

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Just a Naked, Bald Girl Riding a Giant, One Legged Rooster, While Holding a Fork

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The tree-zone

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How Ariel was conceived?

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Who has the best throne?

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Eat your veggies! Get fucked by your meat!

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I... I've got nothing for this one...

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"Veil of Modesty" Sculpture by Antonio Corradini (Born 1688 – died 1752)

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So you are religious? Then who is this?

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