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I found this at an art store I wish I could take credit for it

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135 points

Mr Think

Preview ec96756f 2fa1 4b4b b3f1 be36a7ed9597
106 points

Just try to fucking cage me again

Preview 4f48a88f bab3 44e8 bd1d e0dbd9585c34

That can't be comfortable!

Preview b5c47368 42ea 433f a79f dd0bea146ec9
117 points

It's almost like it's alive

Preview 5987f9e2 343d 4e5f bc11 614e4fa2c706
106 points

When a statue moves.

Preview 502938b7 1998 4113 a13c 08f743deef2c

Cambridge is an interesting place.

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94 points


Preview d4ba4417 0d7e 40e8 8871 e06a00b9b17e
100 points

Typical cat

Preview e8f9ac57 b13d 44aa abfd 320f62ae2133
108 points

Human turned into a candle. The guy had a LOT of hot wax poured on him

Preview 98a05ec7 017f 41a9 9560 7f15ddb6c8d9
112 points

"On that day he fought 6...maybe 7 babies...totally nude...and saved the town"

Preview 89de05d5 1935 4569 9226 2915f44a7921
113 points

thats perfect

Preview ac37a112 fc9d 458e bc13 8d4469e872b4

This statue of a man eating babies in Bern Switzerland.

Preview 98f85989 0428 47dd 8e5c af07f0048344
108 points

Climbing on top of the Motherland Calls Monument in Volgograd

Preview 1acbbf8d bf84 4958 a370 e27cf33b6891

What can I say?

Preview f6b3e558 b91b 44d3 9acd 70aa90ba29a7
100 points

The local gang

Preview bae5cc8a 2bf8 4947 a40b 89c1af7bd20b
76 points

An ancient Roman phallic lamp.

Preview d7d3017e ee96 488f b16e 23765c2ed540
84 points

Mosquito, meet your doom

Preview 38179e50 2f83 468f 864b e21939ee09c7
100 points

They should release the green suit cut. I'd watch it.

Preview 333c4e61 b024 4592 aa96 6d754e0915dd
104 points

When she asks you to open the jar of pickles

Preview 7bec1c06 6fc3 4a6f a672 7836ea771768
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