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In Berne, Switzerland I found a statue of a man eating babies.

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19 points

when you fight through all the levels of tech support and reach the final boss

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Singosari Temple, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Go look around, ill give you guys free guide if u stop by :)

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Balut Ice Cream

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18 points

"Art" in Midtown Atlanta

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12 points

It's even more fun over the phone...

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22 points

I've grown up wondering wtf this is...

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Awesome Details in Sculpture. Just amazing.

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1320 ton statue of the Chinese god of war, Guan Yu

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23 points

What is attached to this dudes junk?

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Ah yes, ancient art is full of such timeless classics.

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“Get back here” - This is surprisingly not photoshopped. :D

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A Catholic school in Adelaide just erected a pedophilic statue of a priest feeding his bread shlong to a little boy who has his hands cupped.

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God is dead

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Just on holiday in Rome and checking some statues.

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Snorkeling, Hsu Tung Han, wood carving, '17

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20 points

It was heads down :/

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"Little Iron Horse" Parksville, BC sandcastle competition

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I can't fully understand this statute/statue.

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