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Spot the black Labrador

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126 points

No thanks

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Umm no thanks...

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The pan up that tower - no thanks! 50 metre high-dive.


London proposed to add this to its buildings in 1934 since infants needed "fresh air and sunlight"

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painting the Eiffel Tower in 1932

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I love paris😂

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108 points

Pam & Paul's House / Craig Steely Architecture , Cupertino, 2016

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75 points

Living spaces sinked into concrete floor

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60 points

If you are the person who invented this type of sticker nobody likes you.

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172 points

An Argentine rocket launcher mounted on top of a childs playground slide. Goose Green, Falkland Islands 1982

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107 points

How is NK a real place

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109 points

Glad to know it enjoys it

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104 points


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105 points

Just get a new lock!

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78 points

Or any cancer song

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101 points

Mom said I needed to get my life in order. Sent her this.

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81 points

Caught a sock mid-way into the sock dimension.

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84 points

Employee Fridge at Safeway

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77 points

I don't wanna talk about it...

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