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The cable management at this Kroger.

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8 points

Cool room under a busy pub. Kegs and tubing for all beers on tap.

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20 points

Best. Manhole Cover. Ever

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14 points

That moment, when you hope desperately the guy ahead of you won't take the last pigeon.

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15 points

A wrench in it's natural habitat

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17 points

that's really high up...

Preview 9f9b696e efbd 4293 8d24 9db03f292359

Noooo please don't

Preview 95b48bbe af6e 4a85 b3eb 1a149b27fe29
19 points

The world's dumbest mud dauber

Preview 4529ceaa 3ad9 4fd7 a7bd 55463280285e
98 points

This revolver.

Preview 2da09cb5 b4aa 4383 ab5a 3a2a857c97ea
82 points


Preview 03f7faca 9bf0 4b81 9064 7c84e7c23e4b

The front fell off...

Preview 5a5ed3f4 dd2c 4516 8a92 c25c5370e8a0
16 points

Well at least they took the time to update it? (Found at Alki)

Preview fb264b11 6092 4601 bef7 3dc3ab2070e5
67 points

Inside the dome of the Reichstag

Preview 706a5045 e040 4140 896f ee28e125eb0c
13 points

These stairs just mess with my head

Preview 8257e8f1 4040 4f35 98b7 045397734f1b
1 points

world's first wireless iron

Preview f9428d6c 0206 427f a1a4 7fbbc0e2139c

1900 Train Crash at Harcourt Station, Dublin

Preview af170a02 ef8a 410a 9a82 e4068a0e2cff
20 points


Preview 1c311c3b cb6d 443e 95e0 72c368f81a35
17 points

Conduit to my heart.

Preview ea6a281f 9ff2 4d25 98f2 b57a1e6446b2
18 points

This baby bird somehow got in the grate on my A/C unit and suffocated himself to death.

Preview 06d3c1fb 1979 414f b96d 0df82816c800
19 points

Step on a Lego hurts? hold my beer...

Preview 3f0e05b0 d6ea 4391 999d 391022c2e21c
24 points

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