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Abandoned staircase in Poland

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13 points

Grand staircase in Californian Mansion

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74 points

My friend fishing from his balcony in Houston

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23 points


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11 points

21 Pictures That Should Help Make You Feel A Bit Useful

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14 points

Possible phone wallpaper #105

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3 points

Escalator in to the fitness center

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135 points

Beautiful, open hallway with stairs that allow light and air to pass through in this renovated 1930s bungalow located in Sydney.

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2 points


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17 points

How can you tell your Indian neighbors are throwing a party?

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8 points

Evolving culture

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Just why?

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156 points


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130 points

Pretty neat stairs design

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The woman on the left is gonna have a bad day..

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197 points

I'm an adult...

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602 points

Wheelchair ramp in Russia #russia #fail

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