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Forrest waiting for the bus

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101 points

Might be the evilest carpet I've seen

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79 points

I'm no architect but I think the design called for more bolts.

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114 points

Being neighbors doesn’t make you friends

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102 points

Elevator shaft

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Galerie Vivienne, Paris, France

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51 points

Beylerbey Palace Main Stairway Beylerbey Palace, one of the most magnificent Ottomi Palacean coastal palaces, is located on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus Strait [1253 x 836

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55 points

Vittorio Brumotti biking on Anghel Saligny bridge


set this guy up to get my wife this morning......it worked great but my ears are still ringing

Preview 35d692c7 4dec 4a89 becd 2957661d94ad
65 points

Thin Metal Staircase

Preview d81294e3 13ad 457c 95c5 cdbfeaed284e
69 points

Floating staircase in modern home, Walla Walla, WA

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76 points

Ever take your train off any sweet jumps?

Preview 62204528 33ce 494e 887f 12058f9634dd
120 points

Not only working the pole🙀

Preview cf11983b 0d77 4211 ba19 394b5d5177a5

Well that's shitty

Preview 2eca23dd c5cc 4e9a acfb 51048fdc642c
96 points

Swimming pool of Indonesian architect Budi Pradono's house

Preview 30c75c20 9781 488f 8d40 9e5e42e17dc7
125 points

My cousins got a new cat, Stampy. Chloe disapproves of him playing on the stairs.

Preview d6823efe 36f0 43a5 bb3c 0920c48f8a8d

So many questions...

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55 points


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Lightning struck a friends house

Preview 78cb1b37 e62d 4815 bbb6 b193c22b9cd8
70 points

500 sq. ft. living area uses a restored wood spiral staircase to add character to the contemporary space in this apartment located in Belsize Park, London, England.

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