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500 sq. ft. living area uses a restored wood spiral staircase to add character to the contemporary space in this apartment located in Belsize Park, London, England.

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13 points

A dog house under stairs

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Édifice Gilles-Hocquart, Québec National Library and Archives, Montréal, Québec

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19 points

Taking a dive

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This wheelchair ramp

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16 points

Older brother making it quite clear little sister isn’t welcome upstairs

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Curved Escalator

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60 points

Azure blue indoor pool at hearst castle.

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72 points

This spiral stairs inside a tower

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13 points

Spiral stairs inside a tower

Preview c9a164b9 aef1 442c 9288 752586a6fbd1
13 points

We had a sudden burst of rain.

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21 points

California Poppy Tiled Stairs, San Francisco

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7 points

World's narrowest house , Warsaw, Poland

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20 points

He looks so condescending

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House goals

Preview d7f108b3 47f0 417d ad95 0c11dcaacb49
15 points

The Woodlands, Texas.

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12 points

Tropical Minimalism: the Solis Ηouse by Renato d'Ettorre Architects. Hamilton island, Queensland Australia. View 2.

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18 points

Meanwhile in Russia

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19 points

Well, that didn't escalate quickly.

Preview 50c9fbb6 01f7 46a0 9fb1 9b7dc73a4f32
3 points

These stairs just mess with my head

Preview 8257e8f1 4040 4f35 98b7 045397734f1b
1 points

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