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Looks like Alan beat the hangover and made it to the 10k! Nailed it.

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86 points

Curling... The one Olympic sport you can look like a normal human being and still win.

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80 points

Thou shalt covet .

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62 points

Nice :3

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36 points

Just before the glass hits the ice ...

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Just casually riding a bike

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Maynard J. Keenan from Tool was asked if the wine he sold was vegan. He replied with this picture...

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93 points

Super Soaker

Preview fbce0e3d 1cdb 48a7 aae4 16fc490ccb40

Once in a lifetime

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A little late but my wife dressed up as Lara Croft for Halloween. She’s an amputee so she improvised

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80 points

This looks like a dangerous situation

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81 points

Leafs-Hurricanes game

Preview c5aa062b 56f3 40b4 9df3 592422e6eb1f

A gag my father pulled at a basketball game in college

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68 points

25 Countries With The Highest Average IQ

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100 points

I guess it was cheaper than paying the fines. Or, someone stole the car.

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125 points

Sure wish the handholds were slightly more secure for those carabiners.

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111 points

You're welcome.

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13 points

Bicycle racks from two different angles

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