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I also got lucky I noticed before I started wiping

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6 points

My smoke detector caught on fire

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10 points

Maybe art

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71 points

Hypervelocity Impact - 18 cm metal sheet, 1.2 cm ball bearing traveling at 6.8 km/s

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3 points

My boss has been using the same water bottle for months. It's starting to look a little green.

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3 points

Forgot to turn my hot glue gun off. (After a few hours of dripping)

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6 points

When you cant even cook Spaghetti

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111 points

How to trigger some people

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168 points

My school got damaged by An earthquake A week ago but don't worry I fixed it

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105 points

Chickens are probably happy that this isn't natural...

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229 points

Timer with magnetic sand

Preview e474fb9a 3631 4e8a 9c78 a69d6d2bc39b
146 points

This is a thing that happens when you work in an office full of women.

Preview c31ff600 4c82 4e59 a199 2767f7153be7
190 points

how we blocked people in the 80's

Preview e65292b3 96d7 41fe 9856 80bd5502f75c
288 points

Hilariously Funny Fingers in Action

Preview 00d0d424 82a9 493b b883 32e0e9e84c1c
125 points

It's my boss's last day at the company, so we decided to leave him a hershey kiss on his desk.

Preview fc61be78 04bd 44f6 93bc 081e0d18cc11
232 points

Stopper, you had one job

Preview 843d02ea 9976 449b b3e3 7f1650f3ebb0
215 points

It's been a good year!

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106 points

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