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You're the bane of existence for one holiday and that's enough! Get back to October and stay there!

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This is for our injured patrons at our pool...

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24 points

...Is it supposed to do that?

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48 points

After a year and a half I'm finally jarring honey from my own hive - It has been one hell of a learning experience!

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75 points


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17 points

Fish swimming in the toilet at my high school. No idea how they got there.

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41 points

Woaaah, we're halfway there, WOOAA-OOOOAAAAH...

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55 points

Pop that cherry

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142 points

Me and my dad made a replica of Ricks portal gun for comic-con!

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Moved my couch to look for my ID and found my ex's Snus packet collection.

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59 points

Let's put some flowers on the side, that will brighten the mood...

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24 points

the good ol' times

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Ring Made From Meteorite

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48 points

Its my turn to upload this.

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64 points

Someone forgot their ruler in the bus

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19 points

This is the reason I'm not a vegan.

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124 points

Someone didn't flush the toilet the last day of school. I came back to this. Yes, they are moving.

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127 points

Ballpoint pen close-up

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83 points

Petroleum trapped in a quartz crystal

Preview 5f81a7bd d4c0 41b9 825e 0eb3ce64098a
82 points

My brother's Lays potato chips had dead ants in them

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