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Looks great, to be honest.

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21 points

True romance.

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17 points

I'll take a Mr. Clean on the rocks, please.

Preview 145d8246 ae7a 453e 99e4 310722ecb9d7
19 points

The most welcoming sign I've ever seen

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20 points

You wouldn't understand, it's fashion.

Preview 5931b810 5576 4c24 9106 719374bf3257
16 points

And its cheaper than therapy

Preview dab92834 0bc5 4a94 9595 d2f1fea2fad6
20 points

How's life?

Preview f9c5a12e 3c43 4725 9687 f8b45f5ec861
13 points

Packing Heat

Preview e9e65604 f549 497e a1f8 98f381911112
10 points

As a Slav I prepared myself for the winter .

Preview 13f21734 cccd 4b24 b0ed 91278311a636

Hide and seek: Pro level

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14 points

Not mine.....

Preview 6f835cf8 fdf6 40a2 97ff a92b1bc55efc
69 points

Let it go... all over my face.

Preview efd6f2a2 5dfd 4d3b b296 6048a025644d

Not sure what's more appealing, the brand name or the name of the food

Preview 564825f3 e1ea 46f5 84f4 05167724f87c
16 points

Apparently it will take more than Hurricane Harvey to get Texans to eat tofu.

Preview 2e12ab4f 3f1e 4ffc 8f2a c64b22458363
15 points

Gotta eat dicks

Preview e83dcd7f 13dc 437d 822d d0e22e6c6e8e
17 points

When you finally got enough money to open your f*cking restaurant.

Preview 918c02db db69 43e0 8056 de7256ea5631
19 points

Ok I heard enough

Preview 64e4c4ad 1e40 4bcf b5f7 1a91fbde5339
15 points

This advertisement for jorts in Bangkok

Preview 7457c285 b0fe 4cd8 8d5b a97a3e2b8c26
15 points

The actor

Preview 8bec18c2 4c4b 401e 9149 18cd77038a3f

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