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Tigress Attack in Kaziranga National Park, India


The older I get the more I relate to Red.

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A store in Japan thought fuckin' was just American slang for really good

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121 points

This man dressed up as EA for Pax south. Was kicked out 5 minutes later.

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165 points

Kohls is selling the Marty Mcfly starter kit.

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82 points

Northeastern University Gym

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I'll take "Restaurant names that sound like sex acts" for $1000, Alex

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I will pass on the lunch meat.. thanks anyway. Part II

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123 points

Sweaty at the age of 5

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Nic Cage at Walgreens in the tampon isle

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No natural fear of escalators

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~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

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2017 summed up

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yes sir, Christmas is a christian holiday, but...

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114 points

New clothes for “the kid”

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61 points

Seems legit 😂😂

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89 points

Last Christmas...

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106 points

Fruit punch flavored pickes

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57 points

If movies influenced how we see people

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388 points

It's a miracle

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