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I might delete this soon, but I was feeling cute

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16 points

Mein Kart

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15 points

The best Cl shoes here in China

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Preview 8f4a8219 8dea 4a66 89dd 1833742c3846
79 points

This Italian restaurant's neon sign needs repair

Preview e8eb89d3 f7e2 4480 a110 4cf2427065dc
18 points

My local regal put this sign up

Preview 7a9809f0 b8ad 4ce6 9281 53b169f11936
17 points

Flight of the Conchords; 10 years old and painfully relevant

Preview 329d4484 1927 49d4 b001 da6f270d3b41
20 points

My F**king Post

Preview 758880a7 6600 4ecb 900f c4eef974cc54
18 points

The home library of a retired Johns Hopkins professor

Preview 199ec8ed c987 45dd 9afb f16b962f82d6
23 points


Preview ebaae945 8d7f 4fd2 876a 20d23011b8db
70 points

Best place one Earth !

Preview 417f2dbb 9abb 4f03 8cdd dbcaaa34351d
87 points

The school said each kid had to bring a printed photo of the family preparing the recipe of the requested item. Our kid got Coke and my husband delivered.

Preview 157cfaae 58e6 4b92 bb90 90983de43b37
15 points

Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food

Preview 26985d24 31c6 4729 834a 8a4c681225cb
24 points

Akiba at night, Tokyo

Preview 4eef3fac 59a3 466d be34 8b8aa8985f9b

WTF 7-11??

Preview abf701a0 6a61 48f6 b89b 9f65fa6e113d
21 points

Tell her please

Preview 790a1c7c c922 4243 b123 c45e6cbd7f7b
73 points

Once you plorp... chips am food!

Preview 012cbf9e 7e7d 4bb2 8d82 e6e62e46bbbc
63 points

Darn oranges

Preview 1e02eba4 da6f 43c3 b23e 443eb85510e7
14 points

Power is power

Preview 1ce955db 18ca 49bd be8a b3517b3b93f7
19 points


Preview 4cd6ecc6 1290 48a7 98f7 e9b4ba5c402c
24 points

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