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It's a palm tree

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126 points

Low budget

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193 points

High school classmate posted this on IG today - 🤮

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A sign I can believe.

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74 points

Crappy internet can kill

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129 points

Friend found this at a dump yard the other day. Anybody have any idea what this grave is or what it says?

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87 points

Bit off more than he could chew

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129 points

A bible store in Kansas has trouble understanding the meaning of this quote

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113 points

Thank's cat, really helpful

Preview f434bbde 1bc2 4a3a 8376 ab31d4d00101

This mouse ran under the road dyeing machine and left this print on the road

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142 points

LAPD: Basically don’t call us about coyotes.

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146 points

In a video game, There would be a secret room behind here.

Preview 107fee63 8fb6 4d82 b71d 980035c1511b
134 points

Mountainside glass bridge; NOPE!

Preview de4ddb50 42a5 4e26 901e 756ac8a9b708

Playfulness And Joy

Preview 9e830736 debc 4f91 9594 fd767bfcbda7
113 points

Just a reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up..

Preview 9c4743cf c6ca 4bac 8032 febafebcff92
135 points

Sign at my local pub

Preview b1bc6e04 2fab 4c0f bddc 7a11afcec9ae
123 points

There is definitely a treasure behind this wall.

Preview 3f2acc94 daf7 4ab0 81bb ab44fefe00c7
107 points

I thought someone had gotten a clearance tombstone for a second.

Preview 67288085 f876 46dd 87b9 f0bfb2fc31aa
119 points

Even steeper stairs leading down on Machu Picchu

Preview bfa09ff5 e628 4986 879a 41ac959ffda0

It really is.

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