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This dogger scared the holy crap outta me.

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16 points

Taking a Break

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I ordered small paper plates from Walmart. This is the packing paper it came in.

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23 points

Spotted this on my friend's terrace. It almost looks like the map of Nepal and well, I live in Nepal. Quite a coincidence.

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Waffle Fossil

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22 points

Perfect cubes of Pyrite formed by Mother Nature

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15 points

Stumbled upon this in the woods of New Hampshire

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19 points

So I found this gravestone piece as I was digging in my back garden. f**king creepy

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20 points

Goats climbing a brick wall

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13 points

Spiraled Stonework

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14 points

The curling wave of a stone wall

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15 points

Instructions unclear

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17 points

For all Futurama fans out there....

Preview 2b0de4d7 31e1 4faa 8353 8c3f83782d18

A Nokia snake approaches

Preview e20899dd 6657 40f8 a265 8fb46962d82e
8 points

They way life finds a way.

Preview eeeb1ad5 6d8e 4861 9ff7 1ad467c20322
17 points

Importance of Geometry in Islamic Architecture

Preview ecf6f77e 808b 4adf b4d7 150d39c5df4b
13 points

This tidy snake

Preview b0930c6c 0e54 46d2 8fa3 aa561ef07a46
19 points

Watch yo back

Preview 33a7e2c8 41fe 4b13 ace4 f33098bf50cf
16 points

Great Spot

Preview 6ee3f2ee 5832 4dcd aa32 7834e90fb508
14 points

Water Balloon after impacting the ground

Preview dc05c922 d951 4379 b38c 84211de04721

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