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Just seems a little excessive...

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13 points

Best place to barricade yourself during the Zombie apocalypse - Flak Towers

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13 points

Homeless to igloo owner

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Someone pls

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9 points

Just seems a little excessive...

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68 points

The sky is falling

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16 points

Ah yes, ancient art is full of such timeless classics.

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91 points

Earliest human footprints made 1.5 million years ago found in Kenya

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18 points

I see a lot of Kjeragbolten posts on here. Here is a mini version located right next to the real thing!

Preview 971149ac 4ed4 4cc7 9774 cee0ab8edad0

Detroit Easter Island

Preview 69f47664 39b7 48e5 bd3d 4212e7f42a64
23 points

TIL Carlingford,Co Louth, Ireland

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22 points

Today, my husband found a completely flattened opposum head in a parking lot.

Preview fc58dcca 9d10 4504 9a16 5513d8aff9f8
90 points

In China I have found the entrance to the cave of wonders

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This is the longest worm I have ever seen!

Preview 7809cdd7 94d2 4d4d aecf ff0403fd1f5b
17 points

Pedestrian crossing in Pompei, AD 79

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22 points

Total mind Melt.

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73 points

We had a sudden burst of rain.

Preview abd600a6 ffe8 40d4 902a a23d29cd0c1c
21 points

"Sorry sir, that is a prohibited area."

Preview 4f603a19 7780 4aee 82fa 01e18fe45ead

Human for scale center right.

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59 points

I hate war

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