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A wild teenager appears

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Sweaty palms + slick limestone makes for an anxiety ridden climb.

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Just scrambling up some rocks to walk across a line.

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The other side of Mount Rushmore

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Uh...I guess I’m having a mojito then.

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Just Barcelona from the sky

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Cliffs near Bondi Beach were interesting

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The oldest joke in the world.

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Singosari Temple, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Go look around, ill give you guys free guide if u stop by :)

Preview 1b23f20b e6c8 492b 9ece d1611ff8b123

This is a brick outside the main building on my campus

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19 points

Why I have trust issues

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Tearing down a Building after the Blitz, 1940.

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Just seems a little excessive...

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Best place to barricade yourself during the Zombie apocalypse - Flak Towers

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Homeless to igloo owner

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Someone pls

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Just seems a little excessive...

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78 points

The sky is falling

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Ah yes, ancient art is full of such timeless classics.

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103 points

Earliest human footprints made 1.5 million years ago found in Kenya

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