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Thank's cat, really helpful

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This mouse ran under the road dyeing machine and left this print on the road

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122 points

LAPD: Basically don’t call us about coyotes.

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122 points

In a video game, There would be a secret room behind here.

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110 points

Mountainside glass bridge; NOPE!

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Playfulness And Joy

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85 points

Just a reminder that Mother’s Day is coming up..

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124 points

Even steeper stairs leading down on Machu Picchu

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It really is.

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69 points

Climbing on top of the Motherland Calls Monument in Volgograd

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Did I mention lists?

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74 points

4032 x 3024.

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53 points

Don’t look down, they say

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Target doesn't staple some, they staple all of them

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84 points

Can I let you go, the dog is looking at me.

Preview 39335e42 f37d 4f85 9f93 3c0ddefb17a7

Who knew that yoga could be terrifying?

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Eaten by Mountain Rats

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98 points

Something’s making all these fish die in Pymatuning lake.

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49 points

Tearing down a Building after the Blitz, 1940.

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If you f**k a girl that's gay because she has 50% of her dads genes

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