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That's gonna be tough to beat...

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61 points

Fetch me some money

Preview 40e511af 3b1f 4dac 985a d94a80d273d4

I'm halfway there myself buddy

Preview df824ba0 7df7 47c3 8deb 92c1b76cf1c2
104 points

No wonder men can’t find it: it moves around

Preview 1313c616 4ec6 4131 a650 4ae9c4530efb
93 points

You can run, but you can’t hide, b*tch

Preview e89366b0 97c5 4923 ab0a 27ad251b6c09

Saw this driving down the road

Preview 71554b94 ae3c 4318 9ed9 472a6e65448d
66 points

A peak inside the male brain

Preview 20b24efc f4fb 4efd ae44 4100ac95b2a0
109 points


Preview 8f05c520 cda7 4630 9adc c64bd0b9509c
91 points

Didn’t stop in “tine” I guess.

Preview d68fa57d 6546 4339 bfef f496a215ea41
55 points

Can you read?

Preview 9118bc9c 8b02 478b bbfd c21dd6a7eb9a
93 points

Traffic lights in Iceland spreading the love

Preview 5465208e 6dd5 4e94 b7bd d9a8d6b80bbb
47 points
Preview e8ec6fdf c1a0 48f7 b448 aa6b7487114f
152 points

My local dairy queen everyone.

Preview 9cccb142 4be1 49b6 992a 9b3e205fdfb4
43 points

Mad squirrel

Preview 04f11420 2fe9 4924 b85c a3f7eb39cc08
20 points

Why is everything about farts in denmark...

Preview a4250245 b819 4821 9b8c 66d4afad60d8
98 points

Fair enough

Preview 231f2a43 9ac6 4dd4 9236 6697ee2ae04a
154 points

Instructions unclear: F**ked a hamster

Preview f0eeb14f fda9 4eed 874d 9761a60c39a7
14 points

To the guy who posted this earlier. I found one too in my neighbourhood.

Preview fccc26aa 57db 4756 96ac bfcff8dbe346
175 points

Not my job either..

Preview 0d3d744c 35c9 4770 8159 6c22bbeb2772
189 points

Someone's having a rough morning.

Preview 93032855 e878 4dac 91d2 f8f8efe4ca8d
203 points

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