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Beautiful storm

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Airplane slicing through the clouds.

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Caught this just as a storm was rolling in

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Lightning vortex

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My parents successfully evicted a hoarder from their stone cottage recently.

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What is a truck???

Preview 6dd42840 fbc5 4593 9957 381018c884da
3 points

Just casually going to the HIGHWAY TO HELLLLL !!!

Preview a249c185 555a 47d9 b506 d067eb9fcb80
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Saw some Final Destination shit on my way to work today.

Preview 2cc9a573 e01d 4acd 9a97 3338cadeba25
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Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

Preview 65a10f62 d08b 4117 a329 52ddc89a9b2a
186 points

Somebody picked a terrible night to leave their windows down...

Preview 706693d6 7acf 4584 a7a0 b433223439de
115 points

Because, f**k this city!

Preview 15c12656 963d 428e b22e 38a6bb4a84bf
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This is MOSES

Preview 09481072 9c07 4f17 9680 1498471aa607
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My neighbor, ladies and gentlemen. The garage door on the left is mine.

Preview 7d855c27 c0e8 4d49 bc6d a7108863c1e0
351 points

Parked in front of this freak at Costco

Preview c2b39b79 d761 457a 9c06 f30dbea8bf72
114 points

When I start my day with a coffee and great music ... and than this:

Preview 53fad4cc 208c 4ae9 a7b5 25f2b446318e
211 points

How is this even possible?

Preview bb0d7df1 933f 4726 8219 6dae3314bd39
103 points

Romanian police arresting a tree

Preview e35851dd 8f9d 4cc5 8ab1 5cbb5970e970
172 points

When Mother Nature drinks 3 red bulls

Preview 0d0c2cb7 c42c 445e 9fe7 b79592c2d390
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