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The Rope - Slackline over Monster Waves in Nazaré


Crosswind landings and aircraft go-arounds during stormy weather.


Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

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110 points

Well this looks safe.

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No one likes plowing alone.

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Wanted to get a quick pic when this kind lightning bolt appeared and pointed me towards my destination

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Thunderstorm in my neighborhood in TX

Preview 4c0140de 3900 4437 b24e 3af47fd1e9ad

well, that's one way to park it

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My dads first deployment to Iraq we sent him a Shrek themed birthday party. This is what he sent back

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This car was completely intact 2 days prior. Abandoned near a store known for vagrancy.

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This picture of lightning hitting a moving cat

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Caught a lightening strike @ 10 pm in Austin, TX in 2012 with my iPhone 4S

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Preview 65608c43 57a8 4c69 93e9 f64835232327
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You know the roads are bad when....

Preview ebddc150 a714 4c13 b710 3c12180f94e0
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Pack it up boys, looks like we're done here.

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A cloud being sliced by an airplane.

Preview bc74376b ab32 412a 85b7 fc397c993c4e

A rainbow from my back porch after hurricane Irma

Preview b5589feb bc8a 4caf bfb7 07b22a028dbf
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My dad has recently become pretty good at combining his love of train photography with his new interest in star photography!

Preview 6a3f8c83 dfa5 477f b63c 0083e1dcedee
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During the Paletta International fire last night - the license plate says it all.

Preview b7154456 a90a 4826 b285 a88e52d90d02

Someone tried to use a truck like a skateboard and rail slide the median on the highway.

Preview d463f0e0 52df 43b4 8d4d a06856b6a457
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