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Lightning hitting the stage of the german music festival "Rock am Ring" two years ago.

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172 points

Somebody picked a terrible night to leave their windows down...

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110 points

Because, f**k this city!

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95 points

This is MOSES

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110 points


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108 points

My neighbor, ladies and gentlemen. The garage door on the left is mine.

Preview 7d855c27 c0e8 4d49 bc6d a7108863c1e0
218 points

Parked in front of this freak at Costco

Preview c2b39b79 d761 457a 9c06 f30dbea8bf72
103 points

When I start my day with a coffee and great music ... and than this:

Preview 53fad4cc 208c 4ae9 a7b5 25f2b446318e
201 points

How is this even possible?

Preview bb0d7df1 933f 4726 8219 6dae3314bd39
96 points

Romanian police arresting a tree

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168 points

When Mother Nature drinks 3 red bulls

Preview 0d0c2cb7 c42c 445e 9fe7 b79592c2d390
75 points

This is the saddest "playground" I've seen in my life

Preview efc64572 0d50 450a ab5f 1baa982d5b1d
109 points

Playing Angry Birds in Russia

Preview 9e44b60b c881 425d b045 97a38bd31b0f
72 points

Winter in Denmark. The bike path has been cleared of snow, but the road hasn't

Preview d96568bd d1c1 4258 aec8 f1dc54f0b1b4
187 points

Gues the country

Preview c96c9161 33c0 4ede ae76 af4aec8a466f
166 points

Rainbow deflecting a lightning bolt

Preview cb5e3665 f28b 4354 bead 2ee4145d511d
443 points

That's not snow. Hailstorm in South Africa

Preview d35a038d 3a82 484e bfd1 c98711a27e2f
131 points

Double rainbow with lightning

Preview a7d53aef c5ff 4ce9 bfd1 bae28a69ef1d
131 points

Typhoon in Busan

Preview 62941ac4 9377 497e 864b bfef2fb846b7
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