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The splashing of the waves

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18 points

Wildfires Portugal :( Apocalypse is here!

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59 points

ehhh..Now I think I'm really adopted!!

Preview 0aa69808 da0c 4cac b897 8a7b457344d2
59 points

My sister drove by hundreds of dead sea creatures in Virginia today

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24 points

Posting my job: traffic controller!

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24 points

This is called a hole punch cloud, and its got a rainbow going through it

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84 points

I have some questions now

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24 points

Death is waiting for me

Preview 16dddbe0 1c83 4408 ae8b 4c0ef516a13f
20 points

Mt. Rainier casting a shadow during a sunset

Preview 7acd9ccb b19c 4726 bca2 eed8914b4c0d
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10 points

This squirrel having a standoff with my car

Preview 43a60e70 e9eb 4515 8531 41a88515f753

Snow in Estonia right now

Preview 2ebcc1d2 371c 4d51 b3d3 34c8f181e7b7

Half dismantled bridge looks like a Lovecraft Horror

Preview cbb09498 659e 4f7b 8f26 e04c57fb67eb
17 points

Local strip club.

Preview e1aece64 ec22 4ec6 84e7 83803a810f2e
16 points

Incredible photo of a lighting strike over a Hudson River - New York

Preview 3c108737 53e9 4604 831f 85661f2fc165
10 points

Every problem has a solution.

Preview 648d16cb c861 4262 a34b 609d2d25c742
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Just to show you that this was/is Portugal today... 38°C in October

Preview 6a555ffd 209c 41f9 b072 358a84bbf791

My Very religious friends asked me to check on their 18y/o son while they were away. I sent them this picture of their house...

Preview ec390ddf f47e 46fe 9da3 5db720d72425
74 points

Who will win

Preview 8b49228e e395 4066 90c7 6a9cae1c1111
73 points

This is my first pic from thunderstorm

Preview 170fc510 d96a 490a b379 0710e4c2bcb3
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