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Pics from a Trash Hoarder's House

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99 points

Kitchen, by Nimtim Architects, Arbour House

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18 points

I woke up to my cat acting normal. Nothing to see here.

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68 points

A pleasing blend of colors in the kitchen of this Montana contemporary farmhouse

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21 points

Kitchen of a stunning three level penthouse located atop a 32-story skyscraper with mountain and water views in Vancouver, Canada

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18 points

Kitchen progress

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71 points

It is my wife’s birthday.

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79 points

Kitchen in a Bel Air house designed by John Pawson

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22 points

Open kitchen with a vaulted ceiling and large central wooden island in this home in Big Cedar Lake, Wisconsin.

Preview d91857d7 7079 460e 824c 04d74fad73b3
46 points

A grey kitchen in Stockholm

Preview e0a3a803 d4e7 41fb a3cc 36578082b5d8
21 points

Strawberry Pink Colored Kitchen, 1956

Preview 7a0794e2 7117 4567 b5a0 fca04925111e
70 points

Perfect Toaster

Preview 00bac386 148a 4cc4 b0b9 e2360a2ccbce
23 points

Classic Blue Kitchen

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43 points

Well when you say it like that...

Preview 8eaf381e 8c82 4da7 b80e ad79e84acf2a
24 points

Unbeknownst to my grandma, we refer to her pan as the "dick-fryer".

Preview 1f6b8aca 15ca 445d b114 81dd5fb2c692
84 points

Upper East Side kitchen designed by Steven Gambrel

Preview 56f8ce76 762a 43c7 8bf5 5fe5ed786148
19 points

Spacious kitchen in a converted barn in Weston, MA

Preview f40d1f92 f92a 41c9 bb11 4a55b3344353
12 points

Kitchen and eating area offsets the wooden motif with green subway tile and granite in this contemporary cabin located in upstate New York.

Preview a69c97f1 1186 463e 8d88 317a7bbfe911
24 points

Fun, Blue Hutch accents Cottage Kitchen featuring warm earth-tones and a Silver Maple Peninsula | Parry Sound, Ontario

Preview a7e0075a 3ba9 438c 82e7 07e698b5de6f
60 points

Minimalist kitchen in Paris

Preview 5280a127 af16 4d4e a2e4 193e081d43dc
106 points

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