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Open kitchen with a vaulted ceiling and large central wooden island in this home in Big Cedar Lake, Wisconsin.

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18 points

A grey kitchen in Stockholm

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17 points

Strawberry Pink Colored Kitchen, 1956

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21 points

Perfect Toaster

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18 points

Classic Blue Kitchen

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19 points

Well when you say it like that...

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18 points

Unbeknownst to my grandma, we refer to her pan as the "dick-fryer".

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79 points

Upper East Side kitchen designed by Steven Gambrel

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15 points

Spacious kitchen in a converted barn in Weston, MA

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10 points

Kitchen and eating area offsets the wooden motif with green subway tile and granite in this contemporary cabin located in upstate New York.

Preview a69c97f1 1186 463e 8d88 317a7bbfe911
20 points

Fun, Blue Hutch accents Cottage Kitchen featuring warm earth-tones and a Silver Maple Peninsula | Parry Sound, Ontario

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22 points

Eclectically styled kitchen in Stockholm

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71 points

Industrial loft, kitchen

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17 points

Lake house kitchen remodel in Vermont

Preview c6cc3b23 c370 406a 83cd dd1d3c414ef5
23 points

A modest kitchen in this humble Southampton, NY home

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14 points

Clean kitchen with walk in fridge.

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1 points

Kitchen uses an innovative blend of wood, steel and marble in this Chicago apartment.

Preview 52f623b5 8eba 4286 8df3 c0c312495098
21 points

The world in an eggshell

Preview 7103ff2e 8c1b 4cbf b367 489cc0ebff85

My worst nightmare in the kitchen

Preview 82127de1 9313 4078 af0b c9983b3939e7
3 points

Kitchen in SoHo apartment

Preview f45672cb e98f 45de bb62 f69ca6d36cce
16 points

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