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When the rest of the team feeds.

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Sometimes a bumper sticker just isn't crazy enough.

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The prequels summed up in one meme

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Ketchup w/ Jesus

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Oh the irony

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Got bored at work

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Saw this at my local theatre during the It premiere

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Perfect match

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Ling ling!!! Why you do this??

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Saw this guy biking downtown a week ago in a Speedo, smoking a bong. This is him protesting outside the police department

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Outrageous Photographs Show Drunk Japanese Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

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This wall painting

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Thai graduate photoshoot

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Sex!!! Thank you

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I would definitely take up farming

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Amsterdam's Red Light District is home to some beautiful old canals and ancient taverns. Skip the hookers, explore the scenery!

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Don't buy property next to a farm...

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How to handle the parking problem

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This is Houston. Wanna know what this line is for? Food? Water? Housing? Nope. These people are waiting in line TO VOLUNTEER.

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