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At least it did not say Child Slayer.

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What about the place where you live?

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Well you aren't wrong

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A fire erupted on a warehouse in Dominican Republic. Yes, that's a Compressed Natural Gas station, a few meters from it!

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20 points

I don't get it...

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22 points

One of my favorite pictures from my trip to Scotland this past June

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21 points

Google street view from Los Hoyos, Mexico. That uncomfortable feeling watching this.

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17 points

A Rainy day in Ponto-chō, Kyoto, Japan.

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13 points

Finger crushed by 1000lb concrete breaker attachment

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15 points

Fantastic greenhouse

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Now what?

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Looks like I'll have to cancel the romantic drive I planned with your mom.

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Guess this guy couldnt find any rope!

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Join the club!

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Interesting things on sale at the gas station

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23 points

I like you very much

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Why do you hate your good boys??

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This floating dog out for a "walk"

Preview 537875d3 5c3d 4970 b662 8dae0bbc733b

We screwed up!

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