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Girl gets hit in the face and transforms into an old man

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136 points

Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History (NSFW)

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377 points

A very heartwarming sight

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150 points

Imagine the possibilities

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My gf in nutshell!

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104 points

That mouth though

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563 points

Before vs. after

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I like when a woman is handy enough to build a kitchen. to make me a sandwich

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What is this kid looking at?

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437 points

If only I had the courage

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247 points

So bright

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85 points

When you need a quick pump before your exorcism

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93 points

Haters Will Say Its Fake

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142 points

I like bacon

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311 points

Oh sh*t....

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154 points

One minute.

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Just to let you know how powerful your brain is

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Kate Upton

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Benching like a boss...

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