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No relation.

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73 points

Vegetarian Mr. Universe

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Upvote if you think Mayweather's next opponent should be Butterbean

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19 points

When you don't know the controls so you start button smashing

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17 points

Can relate

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21 points

This tattoo just paid for itself

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The Strong League

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23 points

Perfect pic from last night's fight.

Preview d1be2505 bbf5 4245 80f5 c9c8d3cb4585

2:50. Perfect mustache time

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Look at that booty

Preview f5c76975 6cee 418b b3ee da4cc5708002
12 points

Do you even lift bro?

Preview fe34c6c7 ed26 4217 acb7 5e480d673797
23 points

Well, that's awkward

Preview f2f4dbea 6f2b 4a57 ad18 0a2871b364e1
1 points

102 days later.. Is this still relevant?

Preview e0325ada 5498 4935 86f1 b0010edfd76a
3 points

Still seems yummy to me! #allmenarebeautiful

Preview 4a110f10 c775 4854 b9aa 2203b86588c9
7 points

Look at his nipple

Preview 8ba0e68d f54b 473c 982e f2917c758f4e
1 points

You can have it all

Preview eb906432 6041 45a2 b18c 75929939870e
81 points

Rakesh Goes Cabbage again

Preview a84190b7 9459 454a 9096 f12a6a09e95d
13 points

Just no words..

Preview 54f041a9 39ce 4b91 8381 d3717e2e14ff
21 points

Look who I met at the gym!

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13 points

When you have 2 giant crabs


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