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In case you wondered

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160 points

Is this the bro code in action

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94 points

My aunt is marrying a sheriff. Their invitation nearly gave everyone a heart attack.

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132 points

Oh shiiiiit

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139 points

Cats and homework ;)

Preview a8af0b77 c6d6 48b1 acaf e8764c4ebea6
163 points

College in a nutshell.

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153 points

No its not.. its completely normal right?

Preview 0f5e8111 e8e6 41d3 85e1 65448fa93c88
115 points

Why is France so bad at war?

Preview bd0f7b85 acc5 461e a89e 21adce9b5440
110 points

Justice has been dealt

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198 points

Nothing wrong here, keep scrolling

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197 points

Obviously a goat

Preview 00108bd1 01f2 40c5 8fc3 2e9e661f0c47
128 points

Fixed it for ya

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85 points

The Tinder update all guys are waiting for!

Preview 05248646 7b5b 42a7 b982 94f9541ef077
295 points

Not too expensive

Preview c5dcd9b4 2cab 4824 9a8c 67319bab9975
218 points

International guidelines for Problem solving

Preview ee712399 0bcf 4d63 ba77 d685583a0990
390 points

You don't want to get Jeff mad

Preview 1d8a43d1 5a52 42b0 8c1d 21990f5407b9
95 points

When your grandma wants you to fix her computer

Preview ccda5937 c704 4c99 8060 3858270fe91c
158 points

F*cking Becky

Preview 45e9efdd 02cd 4153 a4bd bfa9443a0b07
275 points

They are complicated

Preview 03b6dc3c c139 46f2 90e9 b28b13d1968b
133 points

I was ready to turn over my savings for these, but after reading the reviews I'm torn.

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