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Nice to meet you Xbox.

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12 points

The meaning behind baby names.

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Dude this cat!!

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14 points

Do it.

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Everyone's scared of north korea but this happened

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My partners one eyed cat seeing a laser pointer for the first time

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10 points

So old, but so gold

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13 points

You're gonna have beef if you don't eat it all

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17 points

She sleeps with her little paws crossed

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Only 90's kids would remember...

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19 points

This cate knows it the cutest out there.

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Playing with his Dick.

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We interrupted pregnant baby with breaking news

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This Periodic Table Shows How Elements Influence Everyday Life

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12 points

Bringing back good memes #10

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141 points

It's over 9000

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14 points

This guy ''roasts'' PETA on twitter.

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11 points

He was looking at a fly

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Wanna hear good news?

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