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I can't ever unsee it.

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85 points

YES, Right!

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77 points

This is halfway between "wtf were you thinking?" and "that's actually amazing"

Preview 77fb8f3e a583 44f9 b72d d83ce1f54a8b
93 points

Sure you can!

Preview d2839c32 04ea 4500 9e77 03df383846cd

Karma wins again

Preview 84f2c1d4 f1dd 4657 8bf9 5e18507a8dae
60 points

Free climber overtakes at 300ft


Vegetarian Mr. Universe

Preview 8b6b0289 7c86 4e4e 82f9 332b913d0bed

Can relate

Preview 522adb97 8328 4b82 9360 abd70091acf3
92 points

Do you even lift bro?

Preview fe34c6c7 ed26 4217 acb7 5e480d673797
106 points

Found a pile of rubbish surrounding bin. Went to check camera feed so I can nail the assholes responsible


Still seems yummy to me! #allmenarebeautiful

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62 points

Checks out

Preview 34415220 e784 41ac 8c48 5a9bab08e408
119 points

Both the most awesome and the worst tattoo

Preview 2070a7bd 006d 4d7e a446 e764d5c3f821
78 points

The post describes itself

Preview 0e52212b 26ee 4830 a205 15607bda44ff
80 points

Vegetarian bodybuilder

Preview 6ec7fe82 0181 45fd ba44 449aea09f255
77 points

Vegetarian bodybuilder

Preview b5645b89 bcd5 413b 9d89 3ab982d024ae
124 points

Vegetarian body builder.

Preview 66081af0 88a0 4eaa a32f bdf74ec90eba

That kid is Dwayne Jhonson(The Rock) standing with his dad, Rocky Jhonson(Big Daddy Rock)

Preview 3164f642 fb2d 40be 84ae 8f6708001ed9
112 points

If only I had the courage

Preview e4777eb2 e7b1 4419 8996 f2f446809791
273 points

When you need a quick pump before your exorcism

Preview 84f3fc0c 01a1 479e b1bd 6babf378936b
198 points

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