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What do you mean I’m what’s for dinner ?

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191 points

My cat went inside organs.

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My cat british shorthair Ile loves bird nest or is this cat nest.😁

Preview 55de045b 9864 4cad b1e9 f04df9884a45

My friend's cat during a visit :)

Preview d0cd6366 48a3 4fe5 8162 35c4a156b503
149 points

This squirrel who climbs to my second story window sill every day just to troll my cat

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Kept the fact have kittens in my house for over a year from the Neighborhood 7 yr old girls. They saw what was parting the blinds and now daily requests to pet my kittens. Thanks alot Jasper

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Luna, after being caught red handed stealing catnip off the plant.

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He’s stuck between the window and the bars.

Preview 32862d42 ec7b 47f7 ba58 d17927fbbf6e

Might be the evilest carpet I've seen

Preview 2f88db73 54b7 4b4b 9864 25b56bca74fc
84 points

There's a bed right there ! Use it !!

Preview 47817abc 507d 4c28 ad61 f08096034055

Stop looking at me like that, you're making me nervous.

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Someone got the wrong car while I was at someone's first communion mass lol

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119 points

Bout ta get socked

Preview 6d2e359f 2381 4e0b 9f61 adcee36a49b9
120 points

Skeleton of a frog that got stuck between the door jamb

Preview 8e09fc45 662a 4dd4 b167 1b3d87582b47
117 points

It’s over mannequin.

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85 points

Pink weekend, some inspiration for cozy days at home! http://inredningshjalpen.com/2018/03/03/pink-weekend/

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80 points

My friends carpenter saw nothing wrong with how he installed the closet doors.

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112 points

That's one sassy cat

Preview 5e1adef1 4516 48c5 b888 f775bc4940c2
109 points
Preview e207b4ec 19f3 4305 a806 a01ee7200a9c
106 points

This cat's shadow is actually another cat

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